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Holi, the festival of colors, is around the corner and apart from colors, it also involves water which demands our attention as we need to keep our gadgets from harms way. With that being said, there are certain gadgets that need to be protected while there are some that can withstand the bit of water coming their way and let you celebrate without any worry!

Here are some of Noise gadgets that you can use during Holi celebrations –


Noise Play Action Camera Series

Just as the name suggests, Noise Play action cameras are meant to be in the midst of action (read: water) and capture it all so that you can relive it later. Considering that they are small and compact, they can be taken anywhere. The 4K video quality makes sure that it records every swing of water and movement in crystal and clear detail as long as it is in waterproof casing while the 16MP camera with the wide angle captures the entire scene that makes for a delightful memory later.


ColorFit Pro Smartwatch

ColorFit Pro Smartwatch

Keeping your style on point is a must no matter the situation and Noise ColorFit Pro smartwatch takes care of it. With interchangeable straps, bigger & brighter colorful display and an IP68 rating that can withstand more than occasional splash of water, you don’t have to worry about dunking someone in the pool of water or getting dunked yourself! Just make sure to dry of the watch before use the next time.


Shots X5 CHARGE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Noise Shots X5 CHARGE

Music is a forever need, whether it is during festivals or any other mundane day! With Noise Shots X5 CHARGE, in your pocket, you can simply put them on and listen to your favorite music. The additional charging case that also serves as the emergency power bank for your phone is a bonus that makes it must have for any occasion.

So, there you have it! If you have any of these gadgets, your Holi celebration will definitely take a turn for good! So, what are you waiting for? Get your Holi clothes out, apply oil and get ready for the fun and frolic to begin. 

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