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There are times when you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons and you just want something silly. Maybe you’re character has a silly quirk or something. Well, if you want a silly patron for your Warlock, check out the Gingerbread Witch by Clint Anderson. With the Witch as your patron, you get an expanded spell list, can ritual summon a Candy Cottage, and even summon a Gingerbread Familiar. This is just a fun sounding patron and it makes me smile.

The Gingerbread Witch is a otherwordly patron subclass that has ties to the Fey and sweets. 

You craft pseudo gingerbread familiars and summon candy cottages, while your sweets charm those unlucky enough to cross paths with you. 

Hope you enjoy.

You can purchase Gingerbread Witch from DMs Guild for $0.75.

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