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I know I’m not alone in feeling strangely protective over Harry Styles. He’s a very good lad. I don’t want him to be sad! And that’s exactly why it kills me to see him literally drowning in sorrow in the new video for “Falling.”

The video, which dropped on Friday morning, has Styles alone in what looks like a beautiful Parisian apartment with a piano and a glass of brown liquor. He looks incredible in a lavender top and brown trousers that I wish I could pull off, but absolutely never could. As he sings the ballad, the room is slowly filling with water until, in the end, he’s fully submerged, drowning. Meanwhile, I’m having something of a panic attack because I’m worried about my sweet son.

“Falling” is undoubtedly a breakup song. However we don’t know who, exactly, it’s about.

In an interview with Zane Lowe in November, Styles said that he wrote the song while thinking about “the lowest I’ve ever felt in my life.” But it was something of a therapeutic experience for him to relive that time of heartbreak. “The chorus says, ‘What am I now? Am I someone I don’t want around?’ I had started to feel myself becoming someone I didn’t want to be and that was really hard,” he told Lowe.

Of course, fans have speculated about who is the subject of his heartache. On the album, “Falling” comes right after “Cherry,” which features a voicemail from Styles’s rumored ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe.

Harry, if you’re reading this (you’re not), please cheer up, because you single handedly give me faith in the youths.

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