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Dancing with the Stars Australia’s 2020 grand finale has been moved up a week.

These are uncertain times we’re living in at the moment due to the COVID 19 or the Coronavirus as it is commonly referred to. Television programming is currently nothing but updates about the virus. That means changing the duration of some outlets including reality shows like Dancing with the Stars Australia. It was announced during last week’s live broadcast that the semi final would be next followed by the grand finale. Due to recent developments, there has been a change and we’re not sure how to feel about it. However, we understand why this is being done.

However, the official Dancing with the Stars Australia Instagram page has issued the following promo:

Due to the virus, there will be NO semi final and the grand finale will take place instead. This comes just a week after contestant, Christian Wilkins and his dance partner, Lily Cornish were forced to self-isolate after Christian’s dad, Richard tested positive to COVID 19. The pair’s test results have come back as negative. They were still able to perform but had to use the roof of their hotel as their dance floor. They were also safe to proceed to the next week of competition.

The grand finale will see Christian and Lily face off against Celia and Jarryd, Ed and Jorja, and Claudia and Aric in a showdown to end all showdowns. We’re not going to show favouritism, but we either want Claudia or Christian to win. It’s just a shame that the show needs to end earlier than it normally would. At least they haven’t cancelled the rest of the series because would be devastating after seeing how hard the celebrities have worked.

The Dancing with the Stars Australia grand finale will air March 29 at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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