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The global consumption of COVID-19 has brought a new reality to many individuals. And as we all take it day by day to navigate the new waters, one thing that truly brings comfort is music.

From Brooklyn-based DJ and producer DJ iMarkkey’z remix of Cardi B’s rant, to humorous step-by-step tutorials, waves of coronavirus songs have emerged. One thing that seemed to be missing though was a love ballad. Austin’s David Sikabwe, who goes under the name Going Spaceward on YouTube and Soundcloud, has penned that perfect track entitled “Quarantine with Me.”

Sikabwe’s acoustic track starts sweetly with an invitation to hold hands — of course after washing for the recommended time of 20 seconds. The artist makes a couple of well deserved jabs along the way (“I’ll go beneath the covers and pretend like I am the Dow Jones / The government should give us tests for free”), but always returns to an optimistic perspective.

Sikabwe’s tender vocals flirt with the richness of the chords and leave a genuine smile after each listen. It’s a two-minute snapshot of a warm embrace that truly speaks of the bigger picture: “Three’s a risk, but two is company / Do you want to quarantine with me?”

Stay home.

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