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Glate 2.0 has today launched via Indiegogo enabling you to detect intruders before it is too late without sacrificing your privacy. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the home security and early detection system now available via Indiegogo.

home security system

Early bird pledges are available offering a limited time 30% discount off the recommended retail price and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during August 2020. benefits of using Glate 2.0 include the ability to.

Detect an unwanted visitor as they approach your house, not just when they are on your property.
– Deter the burglar with surveillance sirens as an unwanted visitor approaches, not after the package has been stolen and all you see is the video notification.
– Only give you notifications activated by strangers, not by anyone else.
– Won’t collect any face ID to be marked and send it to the cloud.
– Restores video footages locally on your phone and let you decide whether to share it or not, without being stored in the cloud.
– Only records when a stranger is around, not 24/7 recording of your personal life.
– Has complete surveillance with no blindspots as you can place the motion sensors at all necessary locations, not be limited due to redundant false notifications.
– Is more reliable because it provides real notifications triggered by strangers, not less reliable due to too many false alerts.

Exclusive features of Glate 2.0 when compared to other home security systems include, Early Detection, Anti-Package Theft detection, immediate notifications and privacy prioritisation.

– By the Glate2.0 tech, you can deploy sensors at all the approach points you want monitoring without any false alert. That’s why Glate 2.0 can detect an unwanted visitor as they approach your house, not just when they are on your property.

– Our separate wireless motion sensor comes with a built-in siren that is bound to scare a potential burglar away within a second.

– Glate 2.0 will not trigger notifications caused by family members. And that’s why we can reduce most of the false alarm.

– Glate 2.0 home security system does not collect personal facial information and its recording will automatically bypass family members and all the data it captures right to your mobile phone, not the cloud, so it’s totally secure.

home security system

Source : Indiegogo

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