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If you’re a fan of manga or maybe you just want to try manga out, now is a great time. Most of us are stuck at home and looking for things to do. Well, Mangamo is a new manga app on iOS that is bringing over 300 titles to fans with legal translations. The service normally costs $4.99 a month, but in these weird times, Mangamo is now offering a 2-month free trial for fans to enjoy some of their favorite manga. Some of the titles included in Mangamo include Attack on Titan, Fire Force, Arte, Daily Meteor Strike, and so much more. Mangamo’s goal is simple.

The high cost of manga ($10-15 USD per book) makes it inaccessible to many readers outside of Japan, and it’s estimated that billions of dollars in revenue is lost to manga piracy sites every year. Mangamo makes manga affordable and accessible and fulfills unmet consumer demand that fuels rampant piracy.

Mangamo is continually working with publishers to acquire the rights to more and more titles and already offers over 1,000 volumes of manga for fans to enjoy. Sadly, the service is only available on iOS, but hopefully there’s an Android version in the works.

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