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Credit where credit is due: this one was my husband’s idea. Of course, that led to some confusion because he thought he was giving me an an idea for a fun project for kids, and I thought he was showing me an activity he wanted to do with our kids. But it all worked out, and in the end, it was something we did together as a family.

We go out for a walk every evening, usually just before or after dinner. It really helps with our stir-crazy kids who are used to a lot more outdoor time than they are getting these days. Today we took some sidewalk chalk with us and wrote some encouraging words for our neighbors. We see a lot of solitary figures out for walks, and I know a lot of people are feeling isolated because of social distancing. It seemed like a nice way to remind people that we are a community even if we’re feeling alone. Plus, Nico was super excited when we told him we were going out to do graffiti.

In addition to spreading cheer, Nico got to practice writing and spelling, and the boys were having so much fun, we walked more than twice as far as usual. They especially loved writing messages in front of their friends’ houses without getting caught.

For this activity, you will need:

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Your own two feet

  • A collection of inspirational phrases, no matter how cheesy. Nico’s favorite was “Stay Safe!” but we also did, “You are not alone,” “All in this together,” “This is a hug,” “Be well,” and others.

  • Maybe some hand sanitizer.

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