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We finally did it, GeekTyrant has an Instagram account. Over the years we’ve posted a lot of art on the site, and it’s always taken a back seat to reporting geek entertainment news. But on our new Instagram account, art will be the focus of our main feed.

We started a couple of weeks ago, posting six pieces of art daily and we will expand to nine very soon. Our goal is to not only feature geek-related art pieces but mix in amazing art in general. To keep things cohesive, each day will share a very common color palette or central color.

We will only share art if we can credit an artist’s Instagram account directly. Having had the art of friends stolen and re-shared without credit, we want to reverse this trend we’ve seen on several widely popular Instagram accounts. We believe that only mentioning at artist by name without the “@” link is just not enough.

On this website, we’ll be highlighting the top 10 most favorited art pieces of the previous week. With the millions of GeekTyrant readers, our hope is this will give added attention to the many talented artists.

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