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What happened to Floriana?

Jevan told Ed that Floriana was killed the same day as Finn but that wasn’t true. Instead Leif (Mads Koudal) from the Danish Militia was keeping her in the basement of the house he lives in with his mother. She’s promised them money but only when she knows her baby is safe. It’s suggested that Floriana may have access to the money Finn stole for various gangs and investors. Floriana gives birth but instead of allowing Leif and his mother to take the child and the money she pushes his mother down the stairs and escapes with her baby. 

This episode is directed by Xavier Gens who made Frontier(s) and the shot of Floriana running down the street looks like a parallel to the scene where Frontier(s)’ heroine Karina Testa escapes the neo Nazis. Floriana didn’t play a major part in Gangs Of London but if Gangs Of London gets a second season, however, Floriana is sure to play a big part – more on that below.

What happened to Marian?

Marian is shot in the graveyard by Ed, we see her slump over and presume she has died. But in a cheeky flashback to the previous day, at the very end of the final episode, the tables are turned. A woman pushing a pram is seen wandering through the graveyard. She approaches Marian’s slumped body and when she says her name, we see Marian open her eyes. “Marian. I’m going to help you,” she says and we realise, OMG! It’s Floriana!

In this very brief epilogue Floriana looks healthy and well dressed. This short scene could hold the key to what season two could hold. If Floriana has access to the money Finn stole and she joins forces with Marian the two would be a force to be reckoned with. Marian has shown that she can be just as violent and ruthless as her husband. Floriana is clearly clever, resourceful and not above pushing an old woman down the stairs. 

It’s possible The Investors don’t know that Floriana is actually even alive. The only people who know are Leif and his mother and they’re unlikely to tell since that would mean admitting to The Investors they were planning to take her money – money Finn had stolen from The Investors. It’s possible that Marian is also believed to be dead after Ed shot her, so the two could be a powerful counter force in the capital, possessed of money and invisible.

Who are The Investors?

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