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When we think about the word “workout” the first thing that comes to our mind is an image of a gym, people doing squats, indoor cycling, and the likes.

However, that is a misconception. Working out not only keeps track of your physical activities but also heart rate, breathing patterns, among many others. All these factors along with the number of push-ups with which you beat your friend at the gym, equally contribute to determining whether your workout was a successful one or not.

Although, when one comes to think of this, performing all those tasks altogether makes it seem as if a workout is impossible to manage.

Not to worry! This article highlights how to dodge this hurdle by making the right product choice to use while working out.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

This device has been designed to make the user fall in love with it. Why do we say it’s one of the best fitness smartwatch, the gadgets that would help you last longer in a workout?

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 comes with an easy user interface, especially with the NoiseFit Sport app, it’s easier than ever to set up the device and track your movements. What distinguishes this product from the rest? The watch helps you track 9 different sports. From something as basic as walking to the adventures you do while hiking.

Not only this but the product helps you unwind with the “Breathe Mode” which nudges you to inhale and exhale properly thereby helping you control your stress levels.

The watch also showcases a heart rate and a sleep monitor along with the sedentary alarm. Guess who’s not Netflix-ing in bed all day now? Moreover, it offers text and call alerts so you don’t have to reach your phone again with every ping.

While you decide to break a sweat in the gym each day, you require a water-resistant watch. We got you covered! The perfect fitness tracker.

And the best feature this watch offers is the ability to track menstrual cycles. 

And although it practically does everything, it has a humongous battery life so you can go more than a week without charging it!

Noise Shots X-Buds

Noise Shots X-Buds

Gone are the days when workouts were supposed to be done with a straight face and no entertainment. Everyone loves to work out to their favorite jams which stimulate their inner Milkha Singh and Mary Kom. But to do something as intense as working out, you require truly wireless earphones that stay. The Noise Shots X-Buds are designed in a way to stay put during a day-long use. Your phone and the dumbbells cannot be handled together, so these wireless earphones offer full touch controls on the earbuds itself; music or calls, all in one ‘tap’. Siri and Google Assistant offer their services as and when called. The Noise Shots X-Buds are sweat proof so don’t sweat about damaging your earphones! Oh, and did we mention 12 hours without charge too?

NoiseFit Evolve

NoiseFit Evolve

This fitness smartwatch is one of our best! The Bluetooth smartwatch helps you track everything from indoor walking to mountaineering and swimming. Also, the AMOLED display helps you see even in direct sunlight so the workout goes on seamlessly. It helps you track your heart rate and offers you to set your own customizable goals, tracking which, is our job! Does your phone keep buzzing while you try to play your favorite sport? See all your notifications, call and SMS alerts right on your Bluetooth fitness tracker. A magnificent feature is the hydration reminders so you never go long without water, and the sedentary reminders never let you lazy around for too long, giving you the little push you need to leave your bed.

Talking about comfort, well, you don’t even need to worry about charging it because it comes with a battery life of up to 3 days. This fitness tracker is rain and sweat-proof. Want to know every detail of your workout, well, NoiseFit PEAK app will tell you and more. 

Noise Tune FLEX

Noise Tune Flex Neckband Earphones

This isn’t like the normal wireless earbuds but is a Bluetooth neckband. The Noise Tune Flex gives the best of both worlds-Bluetooth headphones with the security of wire. All the controls lie on the neckband itself, providing easy access. The best thing is the neckband itself. The Tune FLEX comes with a super flexible and durable neckband which gives you all the freedom of movement you need. It offers a 12-hour playback with spectacular bass. Now, that’s ‘music to your ears’. These too are sweat-proof and offer a dual pairing mode so you can connect to your phone and your laptop simultaneously.

Now, these are something to ‘flex’ about!

Noise Shots X5 CHARGE

Noise Shots X5 Charge

These Bluetooth earphones are your perfect workout bud-dy! They’re ergonomically designed to stay put even in the most active lifestyles, and built to ensure a comfortable fit. They’re Siri and Google Assistant compatible and the Bluetooth connectivity stretches up to an audio range of 10 meters. All the controls lie on the earphones making it a truly wireless experience.

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