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There was a spike in U.S. deaths shortly after the 2016 presidential elections (not true: just play along for now). I suspect there is a lot of rolling over in the graves of those who voted for number 45 as his impeachment trial proceeds (stay with me). White supremacist Sweet Baby T, may be the tail wagging the big U.S. hound dog, but I’ve noticed a lot of his most demonstrative neighborhood followers slowly tucking their tales in (this true!). After the local movie theatre showing of It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and seeing some flyers being posted around the block with “Be Kind” in bold centered lettering, I’m feeling a little lighter today (ahhh, true).

I love what Allan Watts had to say about the Joker in some of us (true: love it). I think this archetypical Joker visited me just prior to this latest posting. Good guy, this Joker; always happy to see him make an appearance; couldn’t get along without him; especially lately (this really, really, true).    










Until next time
keep writing,

Andrés Castro

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