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HAPPY FRIDAY FINDS DAY!!! Mostly all reader recommendations on today’s list and I LOVE when that happens!! Not a ton of new releases today, but I’ll add more as I find ’em. 😀

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Nay: I loved Final Serenade!! N.N. Britt does such a great job of going in an entirely new direction with her rock star storylines.

Mony: Wow, looks really good! Her book Rapture was on my TBR list so maybe it’s time to do some rockstar reads.

R. Renee: I loved Rapture but Severance is my favorite by her so far. That one gutted me! I have it on good authority I’m going to love Final Serenade even more.

Michele G: YES!! I have loved everything NN Britt has written….Final Serenade is no exception…it’s wonderful! She definitely writes a great rockstar romance. They suck me in and don’t let me go until the bitter end….of course this little gem has a cliffy….fortunately the second part of the duet is out very soon! I’m looking forward to it….stalking it might be a better term 🙂

Mony: …Hollywood run, Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy by Max Monroe. Just loved it!! The characters (she’s a hoot), the parts in Alaska, the slow burn E-T-L, & Hollywooooood stuff too. Thanks!

Michele G: Mony, I also loved Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy!!! I highly recommend you give Rapture a go. I love all of her books but it’s my fave!

Tasha J: I’ve finished Where the Forest Meets the Stars and it was wonderful! Just, perfect. No tears, safe for a cruise read. 😉 Not classified as romance, but does have just what I like! And it’s kindle unlimited. …loved it! …No annoyance in hero or heroine. Just a lovely read. Ursa was the star, but I loved Gabe too. And Jo. There are so many little issues I have with descriptions or sappyness or immaturity or dragging or whatever, that this book didn’t have for me. It was refreshing.

Michele G: Tasha, I have to agree with you about your love for Where the Forest Meets the Stars. That was a really special book! It’s hard to put into words… My poor little heart is in overdrive….

Yamara: This was a great book

Kim: Loved this one💙

Michelle: This was sweet. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it was good.

  • Throne Away by Leddy Harper <— LIVE!!! THE ROYAL & THE SINGLE DAD ALERT!! “...Loving him was easy, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hold onto him. Because I wear a crown. And he’s a single father raising a child…five thousand miles away…”
  • Syphoner: Book 1 (The Syphoner Saga) by Munzie LeStrange <— LIVE!!! DRUIDS, DRAGONS, and BLOODTHIRSTY WRAITHS? Divina’s dream of a normal life just got shattered.
  • Glass Hearts (Awaken My Heart: Corinne and Vance, Book One) by Danica Raimz
  • Dream Lover: The Complete Series Box Set (Lover Boys) by Aubrey Wright <— BOOK BUNDLE ALERT!! “…An Amazon Top 50 romantic comedy box set. Three books full of delicious rock stars and the sassy women they love…”
  • Big Game by C.K. Wiles <— COP ROMANCE ALERT! “…Denise Baldwin doesn’t do relationships. She barely has time for a one-night stand. But missing after-work cocktails with Rob, her best friend and favorite law enforcement park ranger … she wouldn’t dream of it. The little dive bar is the perfect place for Denise to vent about her new protégé, who is as annoyingly perky as she is ambitious. Rob has work issues too…”
  • Star Crossed: A Second Chance Hollywood Romance by CD Reiss <— LIVE!! CD REISS HOLLYWOOD STAR ALERT!! This one used to be her book “Shuttergirl” but with more added! “…Michael Graydon has it all – looks, fame, and a couple of Oscars. Does he see me in the crowd of paparazzi? Does he know I sell pictures of him to the tabloids as if money could ever erase the feel of his lips on me? Does he think I forgot the way he broke my heart? Or does he know that I’ve ruined everything I’ve ever loved?...”

Janet: CD Reiss’s Shuttergirl and it was a page-turner. Really smart writing, good storyline, and satisfying characters. A Paparazzi Photographer/Movie Star, second-time romance, set in LA. Lots of Hollywood twists and turns through both the superficial and gritty sides of the city, that take it back and forth from passionate reconnection to the sadness of impossible circumstances. Definitely recommend it!

Julie: Other honorable mentions I didn’t see on your list — Shuttergirl (he’s a famous actor and she’s a papparazzi)

  • All ONES: Complete Collection by Aleatha Romig <— ALEATHA ROMING BOOK BUNDLE SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT!! “…It’s time to enjoy the lighter side of Aleatha with ALL of her lighter ONES in one place. Enjoy PLUS ONE, ONE NIGHT, A SECRET ONE, and ANOTHER ONE as you laugh and swoon through each story...”
  • The Redemption of Memphis Drake: A Second Chance Romance by Shay Stone <— RECENT RELEASE!! WHO WAS CONNING WHO? “...She made me believe the impossible—that we could be happy together. I should have known better. Con men don’t get happy endings. It was always going to end this way. I was going to break her heart in the cruelest way possible, leaving her no choice but to hate me. And that’s what I did, shattering my own in the process...”
  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout <— FANTASY ROMANCE RECENT RELEASE & Shara FIVE-STARRED IT!!!

Shara: Just finished from blood and ash. It was long and I finished it in about 1.5 days. I could not put it down. Staying up wayyyy to late. And you guys I loved it!!!!! Seriously have the biggest book hangover. Easy 5+++++ stars.

Kimberly: I bought and finished From Blood and Ash the first day it came out, and I have the BIGGEST book hangover ever. It was such an incredible read and is not only one of my favorite JLA books, it’s one of my all-time favorites now….

  • Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones Book 1) by C.M. Owens <— ALASKA COMEDY ROMANCE & LOVED & BARGAIN PRICED!! Nancy found the super-bargain & I one-clicked it after these reviews right here on the blog!! 😀

Nancy: Maryse, I found another bargain Alaskan book.

Neeha: If u love Worth it by c.m. owens then you should definitely read Becoming a Vincent… total lol moments.. you will literally laugh cry.

Jessica: CM Owens Becoming A Vincent! So good and funny.

  • True Alaskans by Michelle Pace <— ALASKA ROMANCE THAT NANCY FELL IN LOVE WITH! She said

Nancy: Maryse, I loved these two books. I’m recommending them both and should go on your Alaskan Book List, too! I know I said I was leaving reading Alaskan books for a break, but these two gems have me right back in Alaska!!

I finished reading TRUE GOLD and went right on to read MIDNIGHT SON. Both by Michelle Pace. These books are so good they took me right out of my book slumb. Going on my Alaskan Book Recommendation List!!

Nay: I was looking at True Gold because I’m always searching for Alaska books, and I find out there’s a list! How did I miss this?

Maryse: LOL Nay!!! To you and all of those looking for our Favorite Alaska Romance Books <— Here’s the list!!

  • The Ascended: A PNR, Academy, Why Choose Romance (The Eight Wings Collection Book 1) by Serena Akeroyd <— LIVE!! SHE SUCKS AT MAGIC!! “...Gabriella is a bad witch. Well, she’s not evil, she just sucks at magic, and when she turns eighteen, the unthinkable happens: she grows a pair of wings. Human born Fae are nothing new. An oddity to be sure, but witch born Fae? They’re a whole other ball of wax. When she’s summoned to the Eight Wings Academy at twenty-five, the doo-dah hits the fan as harsh truths are revealed to her about the Fae…

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