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<— Ooooooooh HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th, my friends!! I’m going to kick off today’s Friday Finds post with one that’s totally fitting for today (but sounds light and fun and by one of our original indie FAVS!!!)

<— Kristen Ashley just released Mathilda, Superwitch Rise of the Dark Lord (Mathilda’s Book of Shadows 2)!!! P.S. Here’s book #1 Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathilda’s Book of Shadows 1) (and I am IN LOVE with this cover).

Krystal: im listening to book 1 now! im finding it super light and funny. not in love with it but still enjoying it. I am totally Team Ash and have about 4 hrs left.


Kelly: That blurb hooked me right away.

Lisa: I’m downloading this today!!!! I love a Cinderella story!!!!! My fav!

Cat: My last read was Marriage for One by Ella Maise….it was more than 5 stars for me. I just loved the slow slow burn. I loved how they fell in love… Loved loved the heroine….and how she was counting his smiles, so adorable

I know some readers found it boring or too slow but for me…it has something magical… left me feeling good. I would read another book about these two just going on with their lives.

Maryse:Oh I LOVE a slow burn. I tend to love the ones that take their time getting there. Thank you, Cat!!! 😀

  • Out of the Dark: A Kissing and Screaming Novella (Kissing & Screaming Book 1) by Megan Hart <— MEGAN HART ALERT!! ONE NIGHT STAND BUT HE’S CHANGED… “…Celia Henry and Luke Gaines shared only one passionate night before he disappears from her life for months, only to return…changed. The day after their one-night stand, Luke survived a cave exploration gone horribly wrong and learned the truth about the monsters that made their home in the dark. Now he hunts the evil creatures that tormented him…”
  • Beautiful Savage by Lisa Sorbe <— BLURB JOLT SUPER-BARGAIN THAT NANCY JUST FOUND & I JUST ONE-CLICKED IT!! MARITAL STRIFE (PSYCH-THRILLER???) ALERT & SHE WANTS ANOTHER!! She’s in a loveless marriage and then she reads a book written by her ex…  “…As she reads his words, two things become crystal clear: he’s speaking directly to her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get him back. Rebecca is certain that Hollis is the key to her happiness and quickly devises a mad plan that not only tests her limits, but soon has her life spinning wildly out of control. Because Hollis has a family now, ties to a wife and daughter that won’t be easy to sever. And if he won’t cut them, she’ll just have to do it for him…”

Nancy: Beautiful Savage by Lisa Sorbe … It was on my Wish List since released. I got from your new release list back then! Read the blurb!!

Michal:  I loved this book!

Maryse: Oh that makes me so happy to know!!!!! THIS SOUNDS UP MY ALLEY!!!

  • Pandemic by Robin Cook <— SUPER-BARGAIN today!! I love this author, and I probably shouldn’t be reading this right now, but maybe I’ll learn something extra from it… so I’m giving it a go. It’s the only thing I can think about right now anyway… “…Although the facts don’t add up to influenza, Jack must race against the clock to identify the woman and determine what kind of virus could wreak such havoc–a task made more urgent when two other victims succumb to a similar rapid death. But nothing makes sense until his investigation leads him into the fascinating realm of CRISPR/CAS9, a gene-editing biotechnology that’s captured the imagination of the medical community. . “


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  • AND! Audiobook Matchmaker!! <— Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! This is how it works. Click on that link & Amazon will show you all of your Kindle books that are also available as an audiobook at a seriously discounted price. This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  • ➔➔ Audible now has an “Escape” package membership (30 day free trial) – used to be called the “Romance” package <— this one is SO cool, and worth it (unlimited listening for all of the audiobooks in the program, and there are tons – kind of like Kindle Unlimited)!!
  • and…
  • Firefly Lane: A Novel by Kristin Hannah <— Shirley is LOVING audiobooks!!!

Shirley: Absolutely loving Audible! I have officially subscribed after having a 30 day free trial. I am now listening to Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. So Good and I love the narrator. Absolutely loved The Great Alone also! I know you love making lists so is there or could you start a list for recommended books on Audible…maybe with help from our friends on here.Thank you Maryse!!

Maryse: Hi Shirley! We have three audiobook favorites lists in fact! You can start here: https://www.maryse.net/tag/audiobooks <— I hope that helps!! 😀

Shirley: Thank you Maryse! I must have missed your post regarding Audiobooks. So many great recommendations. Thank you for all you do!

Maryse: YAY!! My pleasure Shirley. I hope you find some awesome ones in there (and let us know if you do). 😀

Nay: I wanted to mention that I finished listening to the legal thriller A Killer’s Wife by Victor Methos last night and I really, really enjoyed it. Five stars for sure. It’s extremely well written and I definitely experienced that “gotcha” moment from it. I also thought the narration was great. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoy John Grisham type books.

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )


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