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Actor Scott Clifton is best known for his role as the waffler, Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful and has proven that he is not his character by sending fans of hit soap opera into a massive frenzy!

Society can be real dense at times, especially when they’re way to invested in a television series. Well, Scott Clifton, the actor behind Liam Spencer of CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful has caused a frenzy amongst Steffy/Steam fans on Twitter.

The online drama started when fans of the Forrester heiress became upset with the current storyline revolving around Annika Noelle’s Hope Logan and Matthew Atkinson’s Thomas Forrester. While they couldn’t care less about Ridge’s son, they’re pissed because Steffy “isn’t getting the screen time she deserves.” Instead of keeping their mouths shut, they’ve taken to all but ordering Scott to have the storyline changed.

It’s clear that these people who are bitching, don’t know a single thing about writing or acting. One fan took it so far as to ask Clifton to get Brad Bell (head writer) to stop making Jacqui [MacInnes Wood] look bad. Scott issued the most epic response:

[Credit: Scott Clifton (@CliftonsNotes) Twitter]

There Is No Logan Bias

[Credit: International Business Times]

What we love about the frenzy Scott caused is it outs some of B&B’s worst fans. They have no regards for reality and live in a world where they believe characters are real people. This Suzi Storm person is clearly a Steam lover. Steffy has had plenty of storylines of her own over the years, especially when Hope wasn’t around. The show is not called the ‘Steffy Forrester show’ nor is it called ‘The Hope Logan Spectacular ‘.

The series is called ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and does not revolve around the wealthy as hell Forresters. The Logans and the Spencers have had just as much as a role over the years. There are no ‘stars’ of The Bold and the Beautiful. Everyone has equal billing, even if they’re not main cast.

Sure, the Forrester clan might be the fashion side of things, but the Spencers run a fashion magazine, Eye On Fashion! Remember that? As for Steffy, she has been involved with Bill, Liam, and Wyatt over the years. While she is no saint, at least Ridge’s daughter has a shadow of a soul. Also, do you really think Jacqui really cares what people are saying?

J-Mac doesn’t live her life through her FICTIONAL character. She is not Steffy. Steffy is not Jacqui so please stop thinking they’re same person! That’s like saying that Richard Dean Anderson lives his life through McGyver.

Scott Lays Down The Law!

Scott really is a great guy! He’s been married to his wife for eight years, does not have additional baby mamas and isn’t a waffler. This makes him NOTHING like Liam. So, when he lays down the law with fans, it should be enough, right? Nope.

The chick named Suzi Storm tried to present evidence from a racist fanpage, which said said Annika has 194 episodes this year alone. Ahh.. where is their real source? It’s just their opinion and it shouldn’t matter. This person has nothing better to do and wants to be right. Sure, there are people who hate that the past year has been about Lope since the whole Baby Swap thing happened.

They also forget that Hope and Liam are not the only ones involved in the storyline. Thomas is the one who has the obsession with the Logan heiress which has carried on since last year.

Insight Others Don’t

Scott has already blasted ‘Suzi’ with his comment posted below! Man, we love him! He’s right, though. As an actor, he has insight into the story than the outside world doesn’t. Gods, we love what this frenzy has bought to life. It goes to show how stupid people are!

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