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A lot of people have self-destructive behaviours that they are fully aware of but have no idea how to get rid of them. This uncertain junction that people find themselves at is brought to sonic life by Fanchon in her single ‘Doses’. Balancing empowering energy with some nervous undertones, she brings the fight people have with themselves to your ears.

Working with bandmates Razvan and Frazer, Fanchon offers an intimate and relatable emotional story. While this is only her third release, she has been putting music out into the world since the age of 15. Moving from covers of popular songs to original music, she brings a poetry to the emotional tapestries she weaves.

‘Doses’ sets you soaring on the guitar lines from almost the first moment. There is a great rock movement in the melody as the guitars layer over each other to drive you into the vocals. Through the vibrations of the bass and the thrust of the guitar, there is a slightly nervous feeling to them. This is like a creeping sensation that causes your shoulders to become tense. On the chorus, you get some relief and strength through the higher tones that twinkle through. The arrangement of the melody is tight and brings a wealth of emotions to your bones. There is a change in vibe later in the track that is wonderfully handled.

Fanchon’s vocals are a lighter layer that rests on the moving melody. Through her vocal performance, she shines the light on bad behaviours with a tone that tells you she is fully aware of them. This acknowledgement of issues swings into a rather empowering chorus. On the chorus, she reminds us that letting people in is important even if they can be fickle. There is a light power to her voice that draws you into the lyrics and the emotions she weaves into them.

Fanchon acknowledges the existence of bah behaviours and looks for a way to release them in ‘Doses’. Through the tight melodic arrangement, you get a feeling of nervousness in the lower levels and an empowering thrust on the chorus. The movement of the music bolsters the emotional impact of her vocals.

Find out more about Fanchon on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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