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Massive spoilers for Extraction follow below.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to watch Extraction on Netflix, it’s time to share my spoiler filled conversation with director Sam Hargrave. During the extended conversation, Hargrave breaks down why the movie began with Chris Hemsworth on the bridge and why it was changed from the way the film originally started, how they reached the ambitious ending in which audiences could decide the fate of Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) for themselves, how the original script had Tyler definitively dying, the villain’s surprising death in that final scene in the bathroom, and a lot more. Trust me, if you enjoyed Extraction and wondered why certain decisions were made, you’ll get a lot of questions answered in this interview.


Image via Netflix

In addition, while many of you might not have heard of Sam Hargrave before watching Extraction, you have definitely seen his previous work. That’s because he was the second unit director on Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which means he was an integral part in shaping the action sequences you loved. After working with David Leitch and the Russo brothers on those films, and spending fifteen years doing stunts and coordinating stunts on numerous other films and TV shows, he was given the chance to make his feature directorial debut on action thriller Extraction for Netflix and AGBO. Based on the positive reaction to the film, I’d imagine he’ll be behind the camera again very soon.

Check out the spoiler-filled interview below and further down the page is exactly what we talked about with links to additional coverage.


Image via Netflix

Sam Hargrave:

  • Was the movie always going to open with Chris Hemsworth on the bridge from the 3rd act?
  • Hargrave talks about what I think could be three ways of looking at the ending of the film.
  • How they landed on the ending of the film and the way test screenings influenced the decision.
  • How the original script had Chris Hemsworth’s character dying.
  • How did they craft the final scene which shows the villain getting killed in the bathroom and the shell casing rolling along the floor?
  • How many shooting days did they have?
  • How much of the action was figured out before stepping on set and what was figured out during the shoot?

For more on Extraction, here’s Hargrave breaking down how they filmed and designed the 12-minute oner car chase and our break down on whether or not Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) is alive or dead at the end of the film,

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