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Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is out today and it is absolutely perfect if you’re a fan of Critical Role. The book serves first and foremost to describe the setting of Wildemount, a world created by Matt Mercer for the Critical Role campaigns. Inside, you’ll be able to learn all about the world including the different gods, cultures, towns, groups, and even how the races typically interact.

Speaking of races, you’ll also be able to talk to your DM or players about the new Hollow One race. It’s a really cool race that definitely one that you’ll have to really work with your DM on. Races aren’t the only things to get changes though. Wildemount introduces Dunamancy, spells based on influencing potentiality and actuality. With Dunamancy there are now three new subclasses that use it: Echo Knight, Chronurgy Magic, and Graviturgy Magic.

One great tool that Wildemount has is Heroic Chronicle. This is a lovely guide that you can use with your DM to help create your character. If you don’t have any thoughts about what your character’s backstory is, you can use the roll tables included to help guide you in the process. You can also use Heroic Chronicle to help plan your character’s goals for the story. Of course, working with your DM on these parts is always the best way to make sure that your character’s story can be incorporated.

What’s more is that there are even some great starter adventures set in different parts of the world to fit your party. For example, “Tide of Retribution” takes place along the Menagerie Coast while “Dangerous Designs” is over in the city of Hupperdook!

Finally, you’ll find new magic items and a whole list of creatures and monsters for your use.

If you want to explore Mercer’s world, Wildemount is the perfect tool for you to use alongside a Player’s Handbook. Heck, if you’re wanting to try out the game and love Critical Role, those are probably the only two books you need (you may want to look at others like the Dungeon Master’s Guide though). You can get a digital copy through D&D Beyond or Roll20 now or you can get physical copies from your local game store, Amazon, or anywhere else you like to get your materials.

The Roll20 version of Wildemount includes the full text, art pack, and full D&D Charactermancer support.

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