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Judging by the amount of conversations I’ve had about 2012, Mad Max, etc lately, apocalypse stories are all the rage right now (not extremely surprising, all things considered), but if you’re looking for something a little different, and a lot sillier, Adult Swim has made every episode of Metalocalypse available to stream for free.

The wild animated comedy aired between 2006-2012 and you can watch all four seasons, as well as the one-hour finale special Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requim right now on over at the on the official Adult Swim website and app. If you haven’t caught Metalocalypse before, I highly recommend it as a hilarious, outlandish, macabre-as-heck quick watch to take your mind off things for a bit.


Image via Adult Swim

The series centers on the deeply stupid bandmates of the heavy metal band Deathklok, who have become so popular that the’ve essentially taken over the world. Their fans do whatever they say, and that enormous sway extends to the point that they can crash the stock market with an over-delayed album or put companies out of business when they endorse a competitor. Eventually, they become one of the biggest economies in the world, get their own police force, and a government agency sets out to bring them down.

Fair warning, it gets extremely dark but if you’ve got a black sense of humor it’s probably right up your alley, and with the episodes running roughly 10 minutes a pop, it’s a breezy, bonkers watch.  I must admit, this one’s also close to my heart for personal reasons. The late, great Jon Schnepp directed more than 30 episodes of the series, which was created by Tommy Blacha and Brendon Small (who also co-created Home Movies).

We may never get the proper send-off for the series fans have long requested (and it sounds like the series came to a close on some pretty unpleasant terms), but at least fans can enjoy their favorite Deathklok antics for free in these chaotic time.

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