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Today the masterful singer-songwriter Samia releases her latest single and accompanying video for “Is There Something in the Movies”.  Following a prodigious moment in her career which saw her perform a sold out show at Rough Trade and open for Cold War Kids and Soccer Mommy, her latest song tackles the vicious deceptions of the entertainment industry and the personal heartbreak she’s felt for someone who went after glamorized success over her love.  The video presents Samia attempting to integrate herself into a film production set that features two of her close friends, Charlie Plummer (Looking for Alaska) and Maya Hawke (Stranger Things).

The child of two actors herself, Samia writes lyrics with a complexity that can only be conveyed by her, but with an honesty that can be understood by all.  The song contains personal references, such as a stuffed animal given to her by the late Brittany Murphy, which magnify the poetic tragedy of a line like “you’re deathless in art”.  Its emotional intricacy is woven by every creative choice Samia makes with the music video, from her “breaking the 4th wall” performance to her decision to cast her friends, both of whom are fresh faces of the Hollywood vanguard.  Reading into the song with an understanding of Samia’s background allows the viewer to really feel the gravity of her words and the context inherent in her desire to call out the exploitative entertainment machine. 

Especially now that most people are at home finding ways to escape through movies and TV, the song comes at a perfect time to make everyone wake up from their suspensions of disbelief; that there are real people acting out fantasies for our entertainment at no cost to us but an often real cost to them, sometimes taking their lives.  For all the ways it can be interpreted, “Is There Something in the Movies” is intelligent in execution and beautiful in sound.  It’s an enticing preview from Samia, who’s working on a much anticipated album.

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