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Relating the show to what we have been through these days, I realize no one is irrelevant. In this world, everyone is relevant to someone. Nowadays, when some racists call the coronavirus “the Chinese virus,” they ignore the fact that every virus is a human virus.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, so many concerts worldwide have been canceled. However, many well-known artists like Coldplay, John Legend and OneRepublic have live-streamed concerts on Instagram from their homes. OneRepublic has been my favorite band since high school. Their song “I Lived” has been a great inspiration for me in the bad days, when I was lost in the expectations of my parents. When I was down, their songs bounced me back. When I first left my country to study in America, that year didn’t go as well as I hoped and expected. The language obstacle broke my dream of easily fitting into American culture. Sitting in an O’Hare airport terminal, I listened to their song “Come Home” and told myself it was just a beginning, don’t give up. Thanks to the quarantine I got the chance to watch a live version of that song March 22nd. Hearing it again, I no longer felt like the helpless girl who sat in the O’Hare terminal building.

A few days later, OneRepublic released a new song, “Better Days,” about what was happening in the world right now. They donated a portion of the profits to musicians affected by COVID-19.

I am writing this now in my apartment in The Tower at Third, in Champaign, Ill., when dawn is about to break. Are better days on the way? Can’t wait to see.

Bio: Xinyi Li is a 2019-2020 U of I College of Media Roger Ebert Fellow who majors in advertising. Currently she is a senior and a member of the American Advertising Federation in Illinois. Also she is a member of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association, working on intercultural communication between Chinese and American students. After graduation she is pursuing the path of a visuals editor as well as film production. Watching films, she says, “helps me find the answer in others’ lives.”

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