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I’m always looking for new puzzles to incorporate into my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. That’s why I was so elated to see Dwarven Door Puzzles by Paul Camp over on DMs Guild. This is an unofficial supplement complete with 15 new puzzles that can easily be incorporated into any setting for any group of players. If you want to make access to a room or cave harder, simply pull one of these bad boys out and let your party stew over it for a minute or so while you finalize your plans to kill, I mean challenge, the party.

We dwarfs are greedy. That’s a fact.

It is also why we protect our treasure with the best magical rune locks in the multiverse. Dwarven Door Puzzles have now been installed in thousands of dungeons. So put your trust in our greed and get the best protection for your treasure and secrets!

You can purchase Dwarven Door Puzzles from DMs Guild for $4.99.

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