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Are Harry and Meghan about to lose the Sussex Dukedom?

Look out, Harry and Meghan because the Queen could be stripping you of the Sussex dukedom! Royal YouTuber, Princess Tiffany has claimed that the unofficial word inside the Palace is that the entitled brats might lose their titles. Now, before we continue we need to stress that this a RUMOUR only. We’ll go over what our opinion to this is a little later in the piece.

Now, as Tiffany says in her video, nothing is official yet but she expects it to happen. This is especially after the trashing talking Harry did regarding his father on Dax Shepard’s podcast. Now, if the dukedom is taken away then it wouldn’t just affect ‘H’ but ‘M’ as well, especially with any business dealings they’ve done. This includes the upcoming release of The Bench which has her title on it.

This would mean that all business dealings including the Spotify and the Netflix deals would need to be altered their names being changed. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were cut all together given they’ve produced very little.

Our Opinion – Do We Think The Dukedom Will Be Stripped?

Yes, we know. This question has been asked by everyone following the royal family for months! Well… after the awful un-fact checked Oprah interview. So, we think the dukedom will be stripped away? Here’s our brutally honest answer; no, we do not believe it will be. The Queen has proven to be steadfast with her decisions. Look at how Prince Andrew only was pulled from duties. He kept his title as the Duke of York after everything that came out about him associated with Jeffrey Epstein. However, his situation is different to Harry and Meghan’s.

He wouldn’t throw his whole family under the bus. Harry, meanwhile, has and will continue to do so. He wants revenge and he will stop at nothing until his family throws themselves at his feet and says he was right. yeah, that’s never going to happen. Harry needs to stop complaining about his life ‘sucked’ and actually think about the underprivileged individuals of the world who have nothing.

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