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You know: Bernie decided, was convinced, or was forced to stop running during a pandemic and #45’s sociopathic world-destroying U.S. presidency, on the brink ecological disaster, with the increasing threat of nuclear war, at the start of Passover. On Hart Island, off the Bronx, on Long Island Sound, they are burying unclaimed bodies in mass graves. We are forbidden and afraid to hit the streets in mass. And you dare ask why? 



The Mongols rode into the green mountainside village,
demanded surrender and stole the temple Buddha.
The priest was calmly helped to commit suicide, as his
role demanded, and a little boy cried and asked why?






*Duly Noted:

ABC NEWS, How the Bronx Became
a Corona Virus “Formula for Disaster”

Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post:
“We Have Entered the Trump Era Unbound —
and Journalists Need to Step It Up”

Akash Metha, Jacobin:
We’re in a Plague — Yet Andrew Cuomo
Just Passed an Absolutely Brutal Austerity Budget

Christina Viega, Chalkbeat
Coronavirus toll on NYC educators: more
than 40 have died, according to union

Corona Virus Update: New York City Loses
50 Educators in COVID-19 Outbreak

WhistleBlower.Org Media Center

Project On Government Oversight


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keep writing and doing.

Andrés Castro


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