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Welcome to another edition of our on-going series ‘Do It Live’, where your favorite artists break down their stage setups and provide a behind the scenes look into how they are able to do what they do best. This time, we are joined by Berlin-based artist Luca Draccar, whose track ‘No Sometimes Yes‘ we premiered back in January. Below, he shows us how he performs live using a variety of different controllers and hardware. 

Words by Luca Draccar

Luca Draccar

I like to change my setup to experiment with inspiring machines.

This is spoken in terms of hardware, therefore it is as well understood the pleasure coming from the physicality of the instrument.


I started my disc jockey journey with vinyl, using 2 Technics 1210: I was not so good on that medium, but that physically taught me to handle sound. Touch it, cook it, sweat it.

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