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Deyjah Harris took to Instagram for a Q and A. Two of her answers were quite alarming to fans and has got social media talking.

One of TI’s daughter’s followers asked her what advice she would give her younger self.

Deyjah attached a picture of her as a child and wrote: ‘not to sound dramatic but…i’d tell her it’s not her fault. i’d tell her i’m sorry because i know she unhappy but i literally have no idea on how to make her happy. id tell her i got her no matter what though, ain’t nobody else gonna hurt you they gone have to kill me to get to you.’

In a follow up, another user asked what happened to her as a child and how she was hurt.

To which Deyjah said: ‘i’ll tell it one day rn isn’t the time. not in today’s society lmaoooo smh’

This was reposted by The Shade Room among other blogs and followers were understandably concerned.

One user wrote: ‘act is the majority of humans in every household experience some type of trauma in childhood. Even if the event isn’t perceivably “traumatic” to YOU, it doesn’t mean the person didn’t experience it as trauma. Part of life is growing thru what you go thru so you can become the person you needed when you were younger to help other people. Prayers up 🙏🏿 but I’m certain she’ll make it thru’

Another added: ‘May god heal the pain she holds in her heart.’

This user wrote: ‘You never know what others go through just because you’re looking from the outside…’

‘She ain’t lying we already know Black women aren’t allowed to express hurt and pain without being blamed for it ‘ one said.


Hopefully, Deyjah has healed from her past traumas. Maybe the reality star will share her story when she feels more comfortable to do so.

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