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The Gasmoxia Grand Prix in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more content for fans. In fact, Activision has released the new Beenox Pack for players as a thank you. This content is free to all players; simply download the latest update.

Inside the pack you’ll see new challenges from the Beenox team, new Pit Stop content, a secret “crate” character, and much more. There are Beenox-themed skins, karts, paintjobs, wheels, and if you haven’t unlocked them yet, you’ll also get Crunch and Geary. What makes things even better is that Geary will feature a brand-new legendary skin. If you can beat the new ghosts in Time Trial mode, you’ll get a new set of Legendary Wheels. Meanwhile, if you beat Oxide and Velo you’ll get new signature decals and a Champion Kart if you haven’t unlocked it yet. If you’ve already beaten the times, this content will automatically unlock.

The Pit Stop will now have three additional characters, two karts, Legendary Skins, and customization items available for purchase. This includes Fixed Rilla Roo for those who haven’t unlocked him yet.

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