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A question that most of us have asked ourselves in the last year is what the future is going to look like after the pandemic. This has been picked by Coruja for her single ‘What’s Normal Gonna Look Like’. Written during lockdown, it touches on how scared people were and the struggle of coping with the anxiety and fear everyone felt.

With a bouncing vibe, the single is a great way to escape from the emotions that the pandemic has brought while considering what the future has in store. Since starting this musical project in 2019, Coruja has been blending beats with distorted cello notes for a uniquely uplifting sound. Pulling on her own emotions, she creates music that is relatable and easy to connect with.

‘What’s Normal Gonna Look Like’ drones and pulses into your ears with a beat that you can’t deny. The rhythm of the beats has you moving to them as they hit the back of your brain. The steady beat meets up with higher tones that add a touch of light and brightness to the music. There is something about the melody that captures all the emotions of the last year. The deep beats are like the underlayer of anxiety that has coated many people’s lives while the higher tones are hope for the future. Together, they create the complicated mix of emotions we have all faced.

Coruja’s vocals weave between the beats when they enter. As she works through lyrics that detail all the pressure points that have caused anxiety and fear in the last year, she pulls you further under her spell. When her voice rises, she lifts a bit of the anxiety from your shoulders and helps you feel hopeful. As the song progresses, she wonders what the future is going to look like based on how the world has changed and how we have changed with it.

Coruja works through anxiety and fear while considering how the world has changed in ‘What’s Normal Gonna Look Like’. With a melody that combines deep beats with hopeful highs, she tries to lift some of the anxiety of the last year from our shoulders. Her vocals rise and fall to consider what caused the anxiety people face and wonder about what the future holds.

Find out more about Coruja on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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