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Why do sports persons never feel hot?

Because they have a lot of fans!

Well, irrespective of whether you’re a national level player, an international athlete or the captain of your society’s cricket team with your best friends, you always got fans backing you!

But is that enough to make you the best athlete?

With a range of strict diets, early morning practices and a ton of sacrifices, athletes do a lot to be the best.

One thing we promise you’ll never have to sacrifice on is the tech you use. Because why should you?

One gadget every athlete should own is a pair of Truly Wireless Earbuds

Why do we say so? Well, no athlete would want a pair of wires dangling while they are fully engrossed in training for the next big tournament!

Read on to find out the best wireless earphones for the athlete in you.

Noise Shots X1 AIR:

    Noise Shots X1 Air Truly Wireless Earbuds

    Our truly wireless earphones, the Noise Shots X1 AIR are of the lightest wireless earbuds!

    The only ‘weight’ you’ll want as an athlete would be the dumbbells!

    The Noise Shots X1 AIR is a pair of Bluetooth earphones that supports a 7-hour playback even without a battery in the charging case. This means all of your workout music lasts all day!

    Not only this but the wireless earphones Noise Shots X1 AIR are even sweatproof; so you can train like a beast without worrying about these beauties ever again.

    Talking about comfort, all controls rest on the earphones itself and with a Bluetooth v5.0, you can leave your phone on the gym table while you ‘exercise’ full control!

    The best part about these wireless earbuds is how easy they are to carry around. They’re so light that you’ll wear them and forget that they’re even there! They offer a snug fit, providing you with a truly wireless experience.

    Noise Tune FLEX:

      Noise Tune Flex Neckband Bluetooth Earphone

      Our very own neckband Bluetooth headset, the Noise Tune FLEX is heaven-sent. Some users may be a little skeptical about using completely wireless earphones because well, we’re all very careless at times and listening to an argument on just one earbud? That would be very ‘one-sided’!

      We’ve engineered the Bluetooth neckband earphone, Noise Tune FLEX to provide you with the best of both worlds.

      The product is a neckband earphone. Even as the actual earbuds remain connected by a wire that goes behind your neck via the Bluetooth neckband, you’re still hassle-free as there are no loose wires dangling around! So your earphones are safe and you still unlock the ultimate level of comfort!

      But what sets the Noise Tune FLEX apart from other neckband devices? The neckband on this device is so flexible, it moves around effortlessly with your while you prep to do your neck stretches! 

      The Bluetooth neckband earphones support a 12-hour playback!

      There are days when you’re just too tired to get out of bed and workout or train. On days like these, all you need is a pang of motivation from your favorite, bass-tastic sound. We’re there for you here too! The Noise Tune FLEX comes with a 10 mm neodymium magnetic drivers, to ensure elite sound deliverance!

      Seems like your muscles aren’t the only thing you’ll be FLEX-ing about at the gym!

      Noise Shots XO:

        Noise Shots XO

        Our latest release, a pair of truly wireless earphones, the Noise Shots XO, would easily fit into everything you require.

        Who says you have to work out or train with a serious face or in a boring fashion?

        Now, since we mentioned fashion, we decided to ‘bling’ a little bit of it into sports too!

        The Noise Shots XO stands to be our most chic and fashionable wireless earphones so far. With a metallic look and a sleek, round case, you’ll never want to get your hands off these babies!

        These earphones come in three glittering shades; space grey, white and the not so common, rose gold!

        People match their Bluetooth earphones with their outfits; athletes match it with their gold medals!

        Whatta hit!

        Apart from offering the best looks, the Noise Shots XO is not just a pretty product.

        The wireless earphones support wireless charging too! Just place the chargeable case on the charging pad, and you’re done! Talking about the battery, these wireless earbuds can go up to 6 hours on a single charge and a combined 36 hours with the charging case.

        You work on increasing your stamina; we work on increasing battery life!

        And just when you’re thinking that’s all these beauties can offer, we’d like to ‘splash’ around the fact that they’re waterproof too. And not just that but to ensure the most optimum level of comfort, we threw in the controls on the earbuds itself!

        Ultimate bliss.

        Trust us, take our advice, these devices are bound to perform!

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