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The K-pop star appeared in another of his ‘Behind’ live streams, where he spoke about the group’s latest album in detail.

He also confessed his anger and frustration at not being able to perform their comeback ON for their fans, called ARMY, after audiences were banned from music shows amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The seven member group were also forced to cancel the opening shows of their tour in Seoul, South Korea.

He added: ‘We have to make sure this album remains. All the hard work, time, efforts, and performances that we did for this album need to remain and stay here. This is so that all our efforts won’t be for nothing.

‘It’s also so that all your support and love will have meaning as well.’

The rapper also touched on the inspiration for various tracks from Map Of The Soul: 7 including, Louder Than Bombs, Inner Child and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal; and received a sweet phone call from his band mate Jungkook who was watching along with ARMY.

Fans loved to see RM speaking honestly about BTS’ new music and how things have been going for the members.

In response the hashtag #ThankYouNamjoon (RM’s real name Kim Namjoon) began trending on Twitter with ARMY showing the love.

‘Honestly, I can’t imagine who I would be if Namjoon and the other six did not appear in my life,’ an ARMY said.

‘Joon’s thoughts, his knowledge all delight me. He is an incredibly smart, sincere and valuable person.’

BTS kept ARMY well fed this comeback by not only releasing two videos for comeback single ON, but a sophisticated and dramatic surprise video for Black Swan.

The IDOL singers are set to perform at London’s Twickenham Staidum on 3 and 4 July, with tickets going on sale 20 March at 8am.

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