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Twitter is an emotional mess now for BTS leader RM teared up during his recent VLive. The K-Pop singer hosted an almost two-hour-long VLive where he discussed each song of BTS’ recently released album Map of the Soul: 7. The singer revealed his thoughts on every song and shared interesting insights into each song. While he managed to pull through the discussion, the singer teared up when he spoke about the ARMY. The singer confessed he missed the ARMY at the recent promotional events of the album.

The international band has been performing their recently released songs Black Swan and ON at different platforms with no ARMY around to cheer them on. This has left Namjoon emotional and angry. During the chat with his fans, he confessed that there were days when he would return home from music shows and would be filled with anger. He confessed yelling, feeling angry and upset over not being able to perform in front of the ARMY.

Namjoon felt it was unfair for they wanted to show their music and performances. However, he saw the silver lining and felt that at least BTS is appearing on music shows and reaching out to the ARMY through the small screen. The singer confessed he wasn’t going to host the VLive. He felt burdensome but he realised there weren’t many opportunities for him to interact with his fans now. He contemplated the live for 10 days before he chose to just do it. During his emotional confession, RM’s voice began to break. It was evident that he was tearing up. But he fought back his tears and managed to complete the live.

Following the emotional chat, fans took to Twitter and thanked Namjoon for his love for the ARMY.

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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