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We had the pleasure of interviewing Monique Nikkole over Zoom video!

Brooklyn, NY songstress Monique Nikkole and H-Town heavy hitter Lil Flip sparked magic with their combined talents for the new single “Red Bottoms And Lingerie”.

The chemistry between Monique Nikkole and Lil Flip is electric on this track and overflows on screen in the official music video! The anticipated new video features a fresh remixed remastered new version!! The new version was recently released with an official music video on all platforms!!

“Red Bottoms And Lingerie” is a pivotal song for Monique Nikkole. A lot different from her classic R&B/Jazz roots and her first release “Say Yes” that put her on the map. This song was presented to her by her manager Michael Stemley. It was written by Ray Lavender and produced by C Scott / JHott Scott. Monique loved it and viewed it as a challenge! It was a total style flip. Short choppy cadence, more of “today’s” R&B sound. Monique, being the enigma that she is, did exactly what she always does. Made it her own and put her stamp on…letting her signature adlibs shine. The original version for this song dropped in January and has enjoyed early success!

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