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The Life You Stole (The Life Series Book 2) <— If you haven’t read book #1 yet, skip this review altogether and go to my first review here so my (and our) emotions below don’t spoil stuff for ya!!! Good news? The duet is complete so if this sounds up your alley, you can devour it all in one shot, cliffhanger and all! 😀

<— You guys. This one did a number on me. It was dark and emotional and depressing and hardcore, and yet despite that… “ethereal” quality about it, it felt real. Which is probably why I needed a billion breaks from it while I was reading it. HOLY. MOLY.

And yes… it’s a total love story. A romance? Hrmmm… I’d even say yes to that, but one that takes twists and turns and risks and does stuff we are NOT GONNA LIKE!!! Just sayin’ 😉 Okay, so… no. 😛 Not a romance. LOL!!!

Graham crossed a line. Lila wasn’t herself. And Ronin felt a million miles away after the previous night. I needed someone.

Even though I’m on the fence with my love level for it, would I call it riveting and crazy, and unique and stressful…

His voice shook. It. F*cking. Shook.

…and at times exhilarating. And also terrifying? Also yes.

And I’m not the only one that loved it and didn’t love it at the same time!

Cleida: This book sucks you in from page one and refuses to let you go. 5 big stars Totally a must read

Angela: Hey Maryse, I just finished reading a 2 part book series from Jewel E Ann , The life that mattered and The life you stole. I’m blown away. Talk about whiplash! It started out so innocent and easy. Well it certainly didn’t end that way. If you haven’t had a chance to read this series yet please add it to your list . It has friendship, love, sex, shock, anger, denial and so much more. I whipped though the second book in a day lol. I couldn’t put it down.

Bethany: I started reading book one last night… I just finished book 2 😳  So good, 5 Stars, but I have no idea what to read after that 🤦🏼‍♀️

Mona: I finished The Life You Stole last night! It was so good, and had a perfect ending to the duet. Definitely top of my Best list! I now have a book hangover … what to read next?!?

Amy: This duet was so good. I’m still speechless.

Layne: Brace yourself! That duet is incredible!

Darcie: Omg it’s soooooooo good!!!!!

Kelsey: Dude. You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

Madalina: I wanted to tell you that I am waiting impatiently for your thoughts on The Life Series by Jewel E. Ann. I adored book 1, I got so invested in the story, but the second book left me with mixed feelings, especially about the way the author decided to go THERE. I thought for sure she will find another reason for the events presented in the prologue.  But people are talking about the series, maybe more after the second book…

Traci: Are you reading the life you stole? I’m about 20% in I have no idea where this is going. I am rooting for Graham even though he’s an alpha Jerk I hope he doesn’t turn out to be really bad. Is it just me?

Cheryl: I finished The Life series duet by Jewel E. Ann. I’m of big fan of the authors writing. 5 star loved book 1, but book 2 fell short for me and quite honestly left me feeling somewhat depressed. Now I think I need something lighthearted and funny. 😉

Maryse: I’m struggling a bit with The Life You Stole by Jewel E Ann. That sucker is pretty dark and often depressing and she took a certain character to a level I did not expect. I mean I knew that character was bad news to an extent but OMG. I mean monstrous and I’m struggling… and then there’s all the lies and secrets and…

It’s a harder read, that’s for sure. And I’m literally at 80% and I keep putting it down to catch my breath from that darkness. I’m intrigued to where she’s taking it though (definitely forbiddeny and loaded in me going EEEEEEEEEP!!) so hopefully I finally finish it tonight. It was not one I raced through, obviously.

Tiffany: Hold on, it’s a good one!

Now here’s a good question… ’cause did you notice I mentioned “ethereal”? 😉

Rachel: Just saw this and was thinking of beginning it. Is it a paranormal? I’ve a few of her other books and loved them, but not really into paranormal books. Just checkin…cant get the vibe from the blurb. BTW love your blog! I’ve been following you for years.

Louisa: think it’s a mix

Rachel: hmmm idk

Maryse: Hi Rachel!! They are all human. It’s a contemporary romance setting, humans etc… but one may have a slight ability. And that is pretty interesting!!!

Rachel: Thanx Maryse! I actually went for it and finished reading them today! Loved both books!!!

Marissa: Phenomenal! Jewel E. Ann took it to another level with this duet! Enjoy!

Kelsey: Read them both last week. Book 2 was so much better!!! I struggled with the storyline being unrealistic but I suppose reading is all about fantasy.

I totally get you Kelsey. That was a pretty intense twist, and you certainly had to suspend belief, although I can’t help but wonder if there’s truth to that ability in some way at least? And also… for me… while there was that “ethereal” aspect, the monstrous aspect of one of the characters and *ahem* a few of the deep connections due to circumstance (regardless of the commitments) had me feeling like it was WAYYYY realistic.

That had always been Graham—sweet one moment, like gifting me an entire building, and inappropriate the next moment, eluding to ridiculous what-if’s when we were both happily married to other people.

Which is why I kept putting it down. This is totally up my dark alley. I can’t deny it. I love these kinds of stories. And yet… I suffer through them. Always.

I think I even had a nightmare from it, because I remember waking up one night in a terrible start, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I was terrified and I didn’t know why. But I fell asleep while reading THIS one, and that was the result. It affected me DEEPLY.

So all that to say, if you love an unconventional love story that starts as a romance but becomes SO MUCH MORE, due to circumstances and characters that are just plain human-evil, terrible mistakes made along the way, as well as a slight touch of ethereal abilities (I don’t want to say paranormal because this is NOT that I would consider a “paranormal” read) that really throw a monkey wrench in their worlds as a whole? This is a MUST READ!!!

He didn’t share my DNA, but he shared my soul.

I would fight for him.

And he would fight for me.

There would be truths.

There would be lies.

Never perfect—always forever.

4 stars for this one <— Though my rating might change to a higher one in a few months, if I’m still thinking about it the way I have been. As in all of Jewel E. Ann’s sagas, this one will forever be unforgettable.

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