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Back in September we reported on Orlando Officer, Dennis Turner arresting 6-year-old, Kaia Rolle, after she threw a tantrum at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy, according to her grandmother.

After news spread of Kaia’s treatment, the Orlando Police Department apologized, and fired Officer Turner.

Bodycam video footage of the incident has now been released and it shows the police officers arresting first grader Kaia as they escort her out of class crying.

In the video, which was provided to Buzzfeed by Kaia’s family’s attorney, you see the cringeworthy moment take place.

The officer starts off by telling Kaia to “come over here,” and she responds by asking him “What are those for?” as she refers to zip ties.

“It’s for you,” Officer Turner responds.

“Give your hands, OK?” a different officer says. “Come over here, honey.”

Kaia started crying and screaming “No, no, don’t put handcuffs on,” as the officer ties her hands behind her back.

“I don’t want to go in the police car,” she says.

“You don’t want to,” the officer says. “You have to.”

“No, please. No, please, give me a second chance,” Kaia cries. “Please, please just let me go.”

A female staff member asked Turner if restraining Kaia was necessary, and he proceeded to seemingly brag about the youngest arrest he’s made.

“Yes,” he responds to the staff member’s questions. “Uh, and if she was bigger, she would’ve been wearing regular handcuffs.”

He proceeded to talk about how the youngest child he’s ever arrested was a 7-year-old stealing from Albertson’s and “thought it was a joke.”

“Seven is the youngest. She’s 8, isn’t she?” he officer asks. The staff member responds saying she’s 6.

“She’s 6? Now she has broken the record. She broke the record,” the officer said.

Officials say that Turner apparently arrested another 6-year-old from a separate incident that same day.

Read more on that below:

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