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Traveling is a lifelong experience. And one of the best ways to capture and relive it is through memories and that’s where cameras come into play.

But with that being said, in recent times, there has been a lot of debate and confusion surrounding the kind of camera you should carry while traveling. To make things simple, we’ve gone through the pros and cons of dealing with an action camera and DSLR so that you know exactly which camera is best for you during travels.

Kind of Travel Experience

What kind of traveler or travel experience you are looking for can answer resolve the confusion once and for all.

If you are heading for an action-packed, adrenaline spiking vacation then your best bet is an action camera that can capture the moment in the raw format for you to live it all over again.

The best part about action cameras is that they are so small, compact and discreet that they capture life as it is happening.

But if you are going to a place where art comes alive and you want aesthetically perfect pictures that adorn your wall or computer screen then a DSLR camera makes more sense.


When it comes to quality there is no beating DSLR. With its many interchangeable lenses and high-end settings, you can get the perfect artistic shot that you had been planning for. Whereas action cameras are built to capture the action, the movement and possibly the thrill while you were pulling off the stunt.

DSLR cameras are all about capturing the perfect and articulately planned shot whereas action cameras are mostly about videos.

With videos, stabilization is the key factor that can make or break the later viewing experience. A built-in stabilization (software-based / EIS) is a must. But they may not be able to completely iron out the shaky effect, for that you can get gimbal.

Another advantage of sports cameras is that you can capture a wide range of differently angled shots, thanks to its accessories.



A major part of traveling is comfort. If you are not comfortable then chances are that you are not going to have fun. Action cameras are all about comfort and fun. With their ready to use out of the box feature, they can be used from the moment they arrive at your doorstep (after reading the instruction manual, of course).

Whereas DSLRs are a complicated piece of equipment with a whole lot of learning curve left before you can get your value for money shot. They are good for hardcore photography enthusiasts with its bunch of features but if you are a casual traveler who wants to just capture the motion and emotion then head for action camera section in the store.


Hands down, action cameras are the winner in this section. Made from high-quality polycarbonate that can withstand extreme action, natural elements and a bunch of accessories to go with it they are made to cover most traveling experience no matter how adventurous.

While DSLR with its high-end tech parts is quite fragile and certainly cannot handle drops, bumps, scratches, nature or any kind of water bodies.

In fact, with action cam as long as they are protected by waterproof housing you can take them for a dip as well.



It’s only if you are slightly serious about your photography then should you go for DSLR cameras. However, it’s not going to be a one-time investment but a recurring one that would include lenses and different camera bodies as you progress in your skill sets.

Action cameras are a one-time investment as long as the new model doesn’t come out.

When it comes to choosing between action camera and DSLR, it comes down to how do you like your pictures or how do you like your vacation.

As long as you can answer your question clearly, you can make the call for the kind of action camera best suited for your travel experience.

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