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Clockwise from top left: PeePeePlush, Copernicus Sentinel-2, NASA and Jim Cooke.
Image: See above.

To echo something I’ve been seeing on social media this week: Today is Sunday. Yes, I am very sure. Has anyone else found that their sense of time has been skewed by the lockdown or is it just me? I have been wrong about what the day it was at least twice this week.

Let’s get down to business. We had a lot of great stories on Gizmodo this week, and not all of them were about the coronavirus pandemic! Of course, if you do want to be informed about the latest news related to the pandemic, don’t worry, we got your back.

To start off, you can always marvel at the products the human brain can think of. There is a new penis plushie, called the PeePeePlush, that just made me giggle like crazy. I thought it was so funny that someone would actually make that. We’re still trying to find out more about the origin of the PeePeePlush, and unfortunately haven’t received a response.

We also have some new information about those pranksters intent on trolling through as many Zoom chats as they can. Some of them have even managed to drop in on chats held by members of Congress. How do they do this, you ask? Apparently, in many cases, it just takes a bit of clever Googling.

And finally, make sure you check out the important lessons offered by Apollo 13. Life is a precious, and we shouldn’t put our astronauts’ lives in danger because of some pseudo sense of urgency.

You can find all of these blogs and more below! And hey, even if you’re like me and don’t know exactly what day it is all the time, hang in here. We’ll get through this.

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