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Motorola is a strong player in consumer electronics. This includes things like their AXH03, which comes with Alexa built-in. It is available as a single handset or as a three-pack. This makes it great for an executive office or a home that needs quality cordless phone reception in multiple locations.

Of course, Alexa gives you easy access to other “Smart Home” devices. If you download the Hellovoice app for IOS or Google Play you can also use other special features including Skype calling.

The Motorola AXH03 Smart Cordless Phone has DECT 6.0 for superior call quality. It has an indoor range of 50-meters and an outdoor range of over 100-meters. If you like, you can use it as a standard handset or as a hands-free speakerphone.

The Panasonic KX-TGE210B Amplified Cordless Phone is geared for home use with many features that are appealing for seniors and the hearing impaired. This includes telecoil compatibility, improved clarity, and a volume range that is higher than most average cordless phones.

This cordless phone also has a 1.8-inch display screen as well as large backlit buttons. There is a speech to text function with a talking caller ID. The Panasonic KX-TGE210B can also block up to 250 numbers.

It also has some other convenient features like a key detector system and battery backup. If the power goes out, the internal battery in the base still has several hours of power and will allow you to make phone calls so long as the physical telephone lines are still intact.

The VTech Office Starter Bundle is specifically geared for small offices, and startup businesses, though it could also be very appealing for an older home with a limited number of phone jacks. The base connects to four other lines via a DECT 6.0 frequency. The network itself is expandable up to 10 units and can also accommodate a 6-party conference call. It can also accommodate a wireless headset.

This bundle allows you to place a cordless handset or cordless base anywhere that has electricity, without having to worry about the presence of a secondary jack or ethernet connections. It also has a 32-number speed dial and a directory that can hold up to 100 name and number entries.

How We Picked

There are some basic features that a cordless phone needs to have to be worthy of your money. The last thing you want to do is sink a lot of your home or business budget into a telecommunications device only to have it be outdated a few years later.

In the review process, this started out by making sure a phone used DECT 6.0 signal clarity. While there are some cordless phones out there running on 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz that might be just fine for casual home use, those lower frequency quality phones are slowly being phased out of the marketplace.

Expandability was also something we kept an eye out for. In a home setting a phone that can handle “Up To” three or more handsets allows you to place one in each important part of your house. The base can then live in a common area near a jack such as the corner of the kitchen counter or in the living room.

Expandability can also play an important role in the office, shops, and light industrial areas where calls needed to be fielded by multiple individuals. Yet you don’t necessarily need to have a dedicated phone line in every office.

Along the way, we also stayed keen to look for units that can accommodate a headset, speakerphone functionality or some other type of “Hands-Free” feature. The speed of modern business these days tends to have professionals and home office workers needing both hands to do things like type, look up physical files, or review available physical inventory.

Battery quality was also a factor worth considering. Ni-CD or Nickle Cadmium rechargeable batteries were once standard in the cordless phones of a bygone era. These batteries are known for problems with “Memory Loss” which reduces their overall charge capacity when they are recharged from half or more.

Nickel–metal hydride battery (Ni-MH), Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries don’t suffer from this memory loss charging issue. One could even argue that Lithium batteries are on the cusp of becoming the go-to option for all battery-powered consumer electronics.

When it was applicable, we also tried to lean toward cordless phone systems that offered caller ID, call waiting, and a phone directory. The directory is especially helpful in business applications, as it spares you the time of having to physically look up a client or employees number on paper.

Panasonic KX-TGE434B 4-Pack Expandable Cordless Phones


  • DECT 6.0
  • Call Blocking
  • Bi-Lingual Caller ID
  • Voice Paging
  • Noise Reduction
  • Built-In Speaker Phone
  • Optional Key Detector
  • Compliant With Hearing Aid T-Coil TIA-1083
  • Ni-MH AAA Batteries

Panasonic is a well-established manufacturer in the small consumer electronics market. They offer a variety of thoughtfully designed phones with features meant to appeal to homes, offices and commercial properties.

Panasonic KX-TGE434B 4-Pack sample setup

In this vein, the Panasonic KX-TGE434B 4-Pack features expandable cordless phones with an answering machine feature and call blocking as well as a built-in speakerphone. Each of the handsets is capable of voice paging throughout the four-pack system, which is also expandable up to six.

Panasonic KX-TGE434B 4-Pack key detector

It comes with noise reduction features, as well as DECT 6.0 for superior signal interference prevention. Each handset is also compliant with hearing aid T-Coil TIA-1083 and includes a bi-lingual caller ID. There is even an optional key detector, which will sound an alert within 200 feet to help you find lost keys or other small items.

What We Liked

The DECT 6.0 frequency clarity and noise reduction make this a great cordless phone for areas where there might be other device signals and background noise. The price point for the 4-pack and the ability to expand the system to accommodate up to six handsets is also convenient.


The ability to maintain clear reception in an area with background noise makes this a phone that is equally at home in a small office as it is other areas like light industrial environments. These phones could just as easily fit in a customer service center as they would for communicating in a warehouse setting.

Motorola AXH03 Smart Cordless Phone With Alexa Built-in 3 Cordless Handsets

Motorola AXH03 Smart Cordless Phone With Alexa Built-in 3 Cordless Handsets


  • DECT 6.0
  • Alexa Built-In
  • Connect To Other Smart Home Devices
  • 50-Meter Indoor Range
  • 100-Meter Outdoor Range
  • 2-Inch Color Display
  • Speakerphone Functionality
  • Hellovoice App Available For IOS
  • Skype Calling Feature
  • Lithium-Ion Battery

In recent years Motorola has been carving out a significant name for itself in the realm of consumer electronics. This includes cutting edge home cordless phones like the AXH03, which is sold as a single handset or available as a three-pack.

Motorola AXH03

This cordless phone comes with Alexa built-in, which gives it the ability to connect to other “Smart Home” devices. If you download the Hellovoice app for IOS or GooglePlay you can use the phone to wirelessly communicate the phone’s call history inventory. It also opens up access to other special features including Skype calling.

Motorola AXH03 box

The Motorola AXH03 has DECT 6.0 for superior call quality. It has an indoor range of 50-meters and an outdoor range of over 100-meters. You can use it as a standard handset or as a hands-free speakerphone.

What We Liked

The fact that the Motorola AXH03 has Alexa built-in and all the features it opens up, is something that really helps set this cordless phone apart from the competition. The three-pack is also a nice value that lets you put one phone in the master bedroom, another in the kitchen or another common area, and another in the garage for a seamless user experience.


Whether you are purchasing this phone in a three-pack or as a single handset, the Motorola AXH03 is a great phone for the home. Yet it could also fit nicely into an executive office setting. Though it’s probably not geared for general office use.

AT&T EL52213 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone

AT&T EL52213 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone


  • DECT 6.0
  • Phonebook Directory Up To 50 Numbers With Names
  • Duplex Handset
  • Speakerphone
  • LCD Screen
  • Large Backlit Keys
  • Expandable Up To 5 Handsets
  • Records Up To 22-Minutes Of Messages
  • 800 mAh Ni-MH Batteries

AT&T is another giant in the telecommunications and consumer electronics marketplace. For decades they have offered a wide range of cordless phones tailored to home and office needs. Their AT&T EL52213 two-pack is arguably geared for home use. Though it is expandable up to five devices on a single jack for small office settings.

AT&T EL52213 controls

The AT&T EL52213 has DECT 6.0 for superior call clarity. The internal phonebook directory can hold up to 50 numbers with the names displayed on the LCD screen. It also has the memory capacity to hold up to 22-minutes of messages.

AT&T EL52213

The duplex handset can be used as a hands-free speakerphone or a hand-held device. It has large backlit buttons, as well as a quiet mode that essentially turns off the ringer. The Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries also have a reputation for long life, without the memory loss effect that often afflicts Nickle-Cadmium batteries.

What We Liked

The 50-name and number phone directory with 22-minute message capacity are somewhat rare features for cordless phones in this price range. The ability to expand to up to 5 handsets is also a nice touch that lets the AT&T EL52213 live in a small office setting as well as in the home.


Straight out of the box the AT&T EL52213 is geared for home use. The two-pack lets you put a phone upstairs and down. Yet if you want to expand it up to five this phone system becomes one of the most affordable options you can find for a small office that has to mind the budget.

VTech LS6425-3 Cordless Phones With Base

VTech LS6425-3 Cordless Phones With Base


  • DECT 6.0
  • HD Audio
  • Handset Doubles As A Speakerphone
  • Backlit Keypad And Display Screen
  • Push-to-Talk Intercom
  • Caller ID & Call Waiting
  • Handset Message Retrieval
  • Multi-Language Display Available
  • Ni-MH Batteries

The VTech LS6425-3 is sold as a single base with three linked handsets. This allows you to position the primary base near your home’s main jack while putting the other units in other convenient parts of the house like the master bedroom and kitchen.

The handsets have a push to talk speakerphone built into them with DECT 6.0 call clarity and HD audio. Each handset also has backlit keys and a display screen. The base also has a digital messaging system built-in. The Ni-MH batteries it comes with do best when they are given a full 16-hours for their initial charge.

It’s also worth noting that the display can be set up for English, Spanish, or French language. If you prefer it can also be set up to voice announce the caller ID for convenient call screening.

What We Liked

The ability to operate these three phones via a single jack makes this a convenient cordless phone for home use. It’s also worth noting that the DECT 6.0 and HD audio upgrades from a previous version that had arguably poor 2.5ghz signal clarity.


The VTech LS6425-3 is geared primarily for home use. The base itself is only expandable to 3 handsets, so 3-pack is already at its maximum capacity. The handset being able to double as a speakerphone is very convenient. Though you would get better two-way communication quality if it was built into the base.

Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 Cordless Headset Phone

Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 Cordless Headset Phone


  • DECT 6.0
  • 200-Foot Range From The Base
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • 70-Entry Phone Directory
  • Expandable To 6 Headsets For Conference Calls
  • Headset 2-in-1 Ear Or Over The Ear For Comfort
  • Dial pad Clips To Clothing
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Up To 10-Hour Battery Life
  • 1-Year Warranty

The Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 is designed to be used as a headset cordless phone for people who need to be hands-free but don’t want the inconvenience of background noise and audio quality common with speakerphones. At the same time, Plantronics also understands how important comfort is for professionals and home office workers who need to talk on the phone for many hours a day.

Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 Cordless Headset Phone

The headset itself can be worn either in the ear or over the ear. It also has a noise-canceling microphone, which comes in handy if you like to be on the move while talking. The dial pad can be easily clipped onto a belt or onto the edge of a pants pocket.

The Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 was designed with DECT 6.0 for superior signal clarity and less interference. It has a phone directory that can hold up to 70 entries and also accommodates up to 30 caller ID entries. Plantronics also designed this phone to be expandable up to 6 headsets for conference calls.

The dial pad unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Once fully charged it can power the headset for up to 10-hours. It’s rated to have an indoor range of up to 200 feet from the base.

What We Liked

The Plantronics 80057-11 CT14 was designed specifically to be used as a headset. Especially for people who need to be on the move looking up physical files or performing other duties like checking inventory.


This phone is a great option for a home office worker who needs to be hands-free to take care of some basic household duties while making business calls. If there’s a strong complaint to note it’s the fact that the buttons on the dial pad are very small, and if you wear it while you are walking around the keys could get bumped making unprofessional noises while you are on your call.

AT&T TL88102 2-line Answering System with 3 Handsets

AT&T TL88102 2-line Answering System with 3 Handsets


  • DECT 6.0
  • Expandable Up To 12 Handsets
  • 2-Line Operation
  • Call Waiting And Caller ID
  • 14-Minute Digital Message Recording Capacity
  • 50-Number Directory
  • Base Accommodates A Headset
  • Intercom Feature
  • Extra-Large LCD Display
  • Tri-Lingual In English, French, And Spanish

The AT&T TL88102 phone system is designed for home and small business use. Though it is expandable for up to 12 lines to accommodate a larger office or even a light industrial setting like an auto shop or a warehouse.

AT&T TL88102 2-line Answering System with 3 Handsets

It has DECT 6.0 signal clarity for less noise in the ancillary handsets. Each phone has an Extra-large LCD screen with menus that can be set up for English, French, or Spanish. It can also hold up to 50 numbers in the phone directory and has call waiting as well as caller ID.

AT&T TL88102

The base can hold up to 14-minutes of digital messages, which is a little bit on the low side compared to some of the competitors which offer up to 20 or more minutes of answering machine recording. There’s also an intercom feature to let you page a particular handset. However, it does use a nearly identical ringtone.

What We Liked

Being able to expand to up to 12 handsets is somewhat rare in cordless phones at this price point. The fact that the base can also accommodate a headset is also nice for professionals and home offices that need to frequently talk hands-free.


You could make the argument that the AT&T TL88102 phone system is set up a little more for home use than an office. You see this in little things like the identical ring tone for paging and 14-minute answering machine recording capacity. It’s probably not the phone you want for a large office setting. Still, it would work great for a small business that needs to have clear telecommunications throughout a single floor.

Panasonic KX-TGE210B Amplified Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TGE210B Amplified Cordless Phone


  • DECT 6.0
  • Amplified For The Hearing Impaired
  • Large Backlit Keys
  • 1.8-Inch Display Screen
  • Caller ID
  • Talk To Text Feature
  • Noise Reduction
  • Headset Jack
  • Call Blocking Up To 250 Numbers
  • 200-Yard Maximum Outdoor Range
  • Battery Backup For Power Outages
  • Key Detector Feature
  • NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Telecoil Compatible

Panasonic designed the KX-TGE210B Amplified Cordless Phone for home use, while also having many features that are helpful for the hearing impaired. The amplification allows you to turn up the volume higher than most standard cordless phones. It has DECT 6.0 for superior signal clarity as well as a noise reduction feature.

Panasonic KX-TGE210B

The Panasonic KX-TGE210B has a 1.8-inch, easy to read display screen as well as large backlit buttons. There is a speech to text function with a talking caller ID. This phone also has a call blocking feature that can hold a staggering 250 numbers!

This phone also has some special features that you don’t see with many of the competitors. This includes a key detector system that helps you find a special key fob within the phone’s signal range. The Panasonic KX-TGE210B also has a battery backup. This means that if the power goes out, the base still runs off the battery for several hours, allowing you to make still make and receive calls.

What We Liked

The amplified features and telecoil compatibility are certainly nice for the hearing impaired. The battery backup is certainly nice when a natural disaster knocks the power out. Especially if you need to call for emergency help. The call blocking of up to 250-numbers is also impressive and lets you screen out annoying repetitive sales calls.

It’s also worth noting that the base has a headset port, and Panasonic offers a headsetr that’s specifically designed to make the most out of this phone’s special features.


The Panasonic KX-TGE210B is certainly designed to appeal to the hearing impaired, with other special features that many seniors also prioritize in a home phone. This could also be a good cordless office phone for an employee who has hearing disabilities.

VTech Office Starter Bundle 4-Line Small Business Phone System

VTech Office Starter Bundle 4-Line Small Business Phone System


  • DECT 6.0
  • 4 Lines
  • Expandable To 10 Stations
  • 32-Number Speed Dial
  • Directory Holds Up To 100 Names And Numbers
  • 6 Party Conferencing
  • Music On Hold

As the title implies, the VTech Office Starter Bundle is specifically geared for small offices, startups, and departments that need telecommunications at multiple locations.

VTech Office Starter Bundle

The base connects to four other stations and is expandable up to 10, and can accommodate a 6-party conference call.

VTech Office Starter Bundle and packaging

This means that you can put a cordless handset or cordless base anywhere that has electricity, without having to worry about ancillary jacks or ethernet connections.

VTech Office Starter Bundle

The VTech Office Starter Bundle has DECT 6.0 signal clarity, with the ability to connect wireless headsets. It has a 32-number speed dial and a directory that can hold up to 100 name and number entries.

What We Liked

The ability to connect four base units or handsets to a cordless signal with just an outlet to power them is a nice touch that’s directly geared for a small office setting. At the same time, the 32-number speed dial and 100-entry phone directory makes it easy to keep the numbers of clients or important vendors right at your fingertips.


This is a great phone for a small office or a single department inside of a larger company. Yet it isn’t limited to only professional use. This package would be a great option for homeowners. Especially for an older home that might have a limited number of phone jacks.

Buyers Guide

Smartphones and cellular technology might seem all the rage today. Indeed, a great number of people are dropping their landlines altogether in favor of a cellphone. While this might look convenient at first glance, there are some drawbacks to this strategy. Especially for home businesses and small office spaces, which may need to reimburse employees for using their cell phones for business reasons. In many of these cases, the employees might not be willing to use their personal phones and require a “Company Phone” at an additional cost.

Of course, cell carriers are wise to these needs, and while they might offer group discounts from loved ones, family members and close friends to pool their data. Yet their standard rates and “Hidden Fees” are often much higher for business cellphone groups.

In situations like this, having a cordless phone connected to a reliable landline can actually a major money saver. Yet just like a lot of savvy cost-saving measures, the devil is often in the details. So, let’s start out by assuming that you have done your homework and you’ve found the best local phone service provider in your area with a cherry deal just waiting for you to sign on the dotted line.

When it comes to choosing the right cordless phone for your home, office, or business there are a few things to keep in mind, as well as a few special features that you might want to move up your priorities list.

Frequency And Interference

Once a cordless phone is released from its base it relies on a wireless, or RF signal. Things like DECT or “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications Technology” helps to screen out interference from other sources and devices that might be operating on a similar frequency. This can include things like local radio signals, local Wi-Fi networks, video senders, BLUETOOTH® devices and even things like baby monitors or other wireless devices.

Ideally, you want to look for a cordless phone that uses DECT 6.0 over units that use 5.8 GHz or 2.4 GHz technology. If you do find one of these older units with features and price points you like, they can still be viable for consideration. Just keep in mind that you will likely have moments where interference is an issue. Especially in a crowded professional office setting as opposed to a home office setting.

Network Expandability

If you are going to be purchasing a bundle of phones or a network system for an entire office, you want to keep an eye out for expandability and scalability. This might include things like the ability to increase the number of handsets or features that let you link to the original base or use multiple units off a single jack.

You’ll often see bundles like this use terms like “Expandable up to (A Certain Number)” somewhere in the product description. This helps to make future growth convenient.

A Built-In Speaker Phone

In a home office setting where you might be tasked with taking care of some domestic duties while you conduct a professional phone call, a built-in speakerphone can be very handy. Of course, even in a professional office certain positions, like logistics, require an excessive amount of time on the phone. This might also require typing or writing during the conversation or needing to use both hands to look for important physical files.

In a situation like this, you or the employee might find it very convenient to simply press a button to use speakerphone or some other type of hands-free feature. If anything, it can spare you from a sore neck after a long day trying to hold a phone’s handset while you use the computer.

Some manufacturers will go so far as to list statistics for the quality or clarity of their speakerphone, though there are a great many who do not. In general, a speakerphone that is mounted in the base of the unit is more likely to have better clarity for both parties.

Headset Connectivity

Another way to stay hands-free while fielding a high volume of calls is to use a headset. This is preferable in cubicle spaces or for positions that might deal with sensitive information. The headset essentially keeps the conversation between the two parties involved with anyone else eavesdropping or simply being bothered by the cacophony of a dozen speakerphone conversations going on all at one time.
Some bundles will include a headset in the purchase, though there is probably an equal number that doesn’t. This can be a matter of personal preference. Even if you find a headset compatible cordless phone that doesn’t have a headset, it allows you to purchase the headset of your choice. For most this boils down to either an over-the-ear or behind the ear headsets.

Batteries And Battery Life

The handset of a cordless phone needs a reliable battery to maintain the connection to the base. This is often some type of rechargeable battery. Some even come with an indicator built-in.

In the past, rechargeable AA alkaline batteries were the standard. Yet recent advancements in battery technology and materials have not brought other energy-efficient options into the cordless phone marketplace.

This includes things like Nickel-Cadmium or Ni-Cd batteries which are known for being durable, small and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, these batteries frequently suffer from what some call the “Memory Effect” which means it must be fully drained before recharging. Otherwise, the overall charging capacity is reduced, which in some instances can be very inconvenient for cordless phones.

An alternative to this problem comes in the form of Nickel-Metal Hydride Ni-MH. These batteries tend to have a slightly longer life than Ni-Cd while also being immune to the annoying memory effect.

You might see two very similar phones with the same features and statistics with different batteries. In a scenario like this, you should strongly consider choosing the Ni-MH battery over the Ni-Cd powered cordless phone.

Lithium Polymer and Lithium-ion batteries are quickly moving to the forefront. They may even become the default standard batteries for all battery-powered devices. They are lightweight, they don’t suffer from the “Memory Effect,” and can be manufactured in custom shapes to fit into various electronics. In the case of a cordless phone, it might mean a lightweight headset that can be smaller or shaped for better ergonomics.

Special Features

Beyond the physical dynamics of the cordless phone and base, there are several special features you might want to prioritize.

Caller ID

Caller ID is something that we sometimes take for granted with our smartphones. When it’s suddenly not there on your cordless phone, it can be a little stressful. Especially if you are screening or fielding important calls. Some caller ID systems will also include things like timestamps, and locations to give you a better idea of where someone is calling from, or at what time you missed a particular call.

Call Waiting

Call waiting was introduced in the 1970s and became all the rage in the 1980s when the last of the rotary phones were landing in the dumpster. Back then it was a revolutionary idea that kept you from missing calls and sometimes forced you to choose who you were going to talk to.

Today its something that we tend to take for granted. Some cordless phones come set up for it, but still, require you to have a service provider who offers it.

Speed Dial And Phone Directory Capacity

Today people have a hard time remembering each other’s phone numbers, as we’ve gotten used to simply looking at a name in our smartphone’s contact list and pressing a single button. Two decades ago, you had to keep some type of phone book or Rolodex of all the important numbers. If you had the mind for it, you could maybe even memorize a half dozen of your most important 10-digit phone numbers.

In modern business and home office phones these days, speed dial essentially replaces much of the “Contact List” on a smartphone. Some units have a button system, while others use codified numbers. Your top vendor might be code 001, or your best client might be the top left button on the base.

Beyond the functionality, the overall capacity of the phone directory might also be an important factor to consider. If your office frequently needs to contact multiple vendors and clients in the course of an average week, then you might prioritize a directory that can hold more than 50 names and numbers.

BLUETOOTH® Connectivity

Depending on the physical structure of the building you are in and the distance from the base, a cell phone can potentially suffer from dreaded “Dead Spots.” At the same time, Bluetooth headsets are designed to be small and incredibly convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is An Amplified Cordless Phone?

A: Amplified cordless phones are more popular with the elder community and people who are dealing with hearing loss. These phones tend to have an extra-loud ringer as well as a higher volume capacity. Many manufacturers also include other special features like telecoil compatibility and a visual ring indicator.

Q: What Is DECT 6.0?

A: DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, which is a slightly more complex term to explain signal clarity. It also gives the phone better clarity and less noise at a distance without needing to be boosted. This is due in large part to the fact that DECT 6.0 phones operate at 1.9 GHz.

In the past, lesser cordless phones operated at 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz or even 900 MHz, which affected signal strength and ultimately lead to more noise and interference during a call. Especially as the distance between you and the base started to increase.

While there still are a few 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz on the market that might be worth your money, most contemporary phones have switched over to DECT 6.0. It’s definitely something to look for while you shop for your next cordless phone.

Q: Does The Type Of Battery Matter?

A. Almost all cordless phones use some type of rechargeable battery. Nickel Cadmium batteries or Ni-CD have a quirk about them called “Memory Loss” which essentially means that they need to be brought to nearly zero before recharging. If you frequently drain the battery to half and then charge it up, you may end up needlessly losing some of its overall charging potentials.

Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride, which is a step up from Ni-CD. It’s rechargeable and has roughly the same maximum battery life. It’s just that Ni-MH batteries don’t have the memory loss charging quirk. If you want to buy a cordless phone with long battery life, then the minimum standard should be a Ni-MH battery.

Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are quickly becoming the new standard in battery-powered consumer electronics. They do better when they are kept near their maximum charge, rather than drained all the way down and charged back up again. This makes them ideal for home-use cordless phones. Though, it might not be the best for a cordless phone being used in a calling center.

Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries also do tend to cost a little bit more. You will see this reflected in the per-unit price of a cordless phone.

Q: Do Noise Cancelling Microphones Really Work?

A: A decade or two ago the term “Noise Cancelling Microphone Headset” meant that it has a little piece of low-density foam wrapped around the mouthpiece or mic. It did little in the way of canceling out background noise and really only helped people who “Pop” their “P’s” when they speak. Worse yet, it was often to blame for spreading the common cold throughout customer service call centers.

Fortunately, modern electronics technology has evolved to create microphones that identify the background noise and then filter it out of the signal. It’s especially efficient with DECT 6.0 cordless phones. You might also see it labeled as “Noise Cancelling” for a handset.

Q: Which Is Better A Speaker Phone Handset Or In The Base?

A: The speakerphone has gotten a little bit of a bad reputation for conjuring up images of a mid-level executive putting his feet up to talk loudly at his phone. The person listening on the other end tended to feel like they were listening to someone talking in a cave.

Today modern technology has innovated speakerphones so that they can even operate out of a cordless phone handset. Yes, there are still some clarity issues, and the background acoustics can be an issue depending on the room. However, most are better than the predecessors. Still, base-mounted speaker phones tend to be better than handset ones. If you do get a handset speakerphone, then you absolutely want to make sure it has DECT 6.0 signal clarity.

If you need to be “Hands-Free” and talk on the phone a lot as part of your chosen profession, then it might be better to prioritize a phone that either comes with a headset or at least has a headset port.

Q: What Is A Key Detector?

A: There are some cordless phone packages that come with a key detector feature to help find loose items like keys. It’s essentially a fob on a key ring. When you activate the feature on the cordless phone the fob beeps. It’s contingent on the keys being within range of the handset, which can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Q: What Is Telecoil Compatibility?

A: Telecoil compatibility means that the cordless phone puts out a special type of magnetic signal that a hearing aid can pick up. This is often a priority feature for the hearing impaired, and something that you frequently find with amplified cordless phones.


While cell phones or smartphones seem to have taken over the world of telecommunications, they are not the only players on the field. Indeed, a great many homes, small businesses, offices and light industrial settings still use landlines with cordless phones. Not only can they save you money, but they can also be very convenient.

Like a lot of consumer electronics finding the features, you need starts by identifying your needs. For instance, an older home with one or two telephone jacks might look for an expandable phone system that sends a cellular signal to secondary units plugged into rooms where no phone jacks are available.

Someone who is hearing impaired is more likely to gravitate toward an amplified cordless phone that has telecoil compatibility. This might also work in tandem with other special features like call blocking and battery backup systems.

When we shift focus to think about cordless phones for small businesses, the priority options shift. Many businesses appreciate things like noise-canceling to keep background noise from being an issue. They also tend to prioritize speed dial and phone directory systems that let them keep important contacts right at their fingertips. The ability to use the phone system for things like paging and conference calls is also a nice touch in this niche.

Once you have a good understanding of the features you prioritize, you can start filtering through the options that best fit your budget.

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