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This is gonna be a rough year, folks. No sugar coating it. It’s an election year, there’s a looming global pandemic. And there’s really not much you can do about it. The only real antidote (not for Coronavirus, sorry) is laughter.

Sure, some titles like Irresistible from Jon Stewart might actually remind you of our current political hell, but at least it will inject some much-needed humor into it. Onward might drudge up some a few tears, but they’re happy tears! We swear!

Comedy is going through a bit of a rework period right now: a strange mix of reboots and sequels, paired with satire and the occasional original idea (our bet is that Will Ferrell’s Eurovision is going to be one of the best of the year). That’s what this list represents—a bit of familiarity mixed with some of the most innovative minds in comedy. And if all else fails, this lineup is a good reason to rewatch Coming to America, Bill and Ted, and Bad Boys again. Go ahead and cheer yourself up with the best comedies to watch in 2020.

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Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys for Life is the only film on this list that has actually premiered, and the “comedy” designation can be a bit of a hot button. Is it an action film? Is it just absolutely nuts, and we’re happy to have Martin Lawrence and Will Smith reunited? Is it purposeful comedy? Is it a mistake? The answer to all of those is yes.

Onward (March 6)

Disney Pixar has set an extremely high bar for itself, and with recent releases like Inside Out and Coco it also has a new baseline for emotionally intelligent animation. That’s where Onward comes in. With two monster guys on a mission to spend time with their departed father, the film seems like a smash for a solid mix of laughs (and maybe a couple tears).

The Lovebirds (April 3)

Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae is a perfect rom-com, adventure combination that we’ve somehow never thought of before. Seemingly framed for a murder, the couple has to escape arrest while also exposing the most brutal hit and run of the cinematic century.

Irresistible (May 29)

Jon Stewart is returning to the director’s chair for a political satire, perfectly timed for the 2020 election. When a Democratic strategist, played by Steve Carrell, heads to the Midwest to recruit a potential candidate, the fun is ruined by a platinum blonde, Republican Rose Byrne.

Jungle Cruise (July 24)

I mean, it’s the Rock (box office gold) with Emily Blunt (understated comedic gold). What else do you need to know?

Eurovision (May 2020)

Will Ferrell is bringing Eurovision to Netflix, along with Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, and Demi Lovato. Playing members of an Icelandic music group, it shouldn’t take much work to make this film absolutely bananas—the annual European singing competition is next level anyway.

Bill and Ted Face the Music (August 21)

In a year of comedic sequels, Bill and Ted are getting the cinematic treatment. This round? The duo is visited by an entity from the future, telling them that one of their songs can save the world.

Coming 2 America (December 18)

Thirty-two years after the original, Coming 2 America is landing in theaters, bringing Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and Leslie Jones. Catching up with the same characters from 1988, the comedy sequel is one of the most anticipated of the year. Until we get a trailer, it doesn’t hurt to revisit the original.

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