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A couple misconceptions about animation. One: It’s not a genre, it’s a medium. It’s a method of telling different stories in different genres, just like “live-action filmmaking.” So if there are any Blockbuster Video managers reading this, first of all: How are you holding up? Second of all: Organize your animated films within their actual specific genres, please! And two: While we are appreciative of the many family-friendly, kid-focused animated TV shows, animation is not just for kids. In fact, we’ve all been lucky enough to be living through a golden age of adult animated television.

If you’re looking to dive into some imaginative, shocking, transgressive, often hilarious, and always entertaining animated TV shows for adults, look no further. We’ve collected all the best cartoons for adults available on your favorite streaming services, from the formative explosions of Adult Swim to Fox’s Animation Domination to anime curios and everything in between. Check out the best animated shows for adults streaming right now — and try not to turn into a pickle while you do so.

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