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Enjoy Global Music, Radio, Movies, Podcasts and More with Audials!

Audials company has been active in the market for 20 years. Now they have released their flagship software – Audials One 2020 for music and movie lovers.

Audials One 2020 is your all-in-one streaming software to enjoy music, movies, worldwide Radio stations, podcasts, and more. It allows you to search, record and convert movies, LIVE tv channel shows, series, podcasts, music, radio from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and many other apps. Almost any other service you can think of!!

Audials came up with fresh and new features for its 2020 version. The Audials One 2020 is faster, smoother and improved than previous versions. It has a user-friendly interface. One more reason that Audials software is one of the best in the market because it actually allows you to download content for offline access. Let’s see a detailed review of Audials One.

Audials One 2020 Installation:

Go to the Audials site and download the software for your device. Start setup. Install it to a specified folder you want. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes for a complete installation. The size of the software becomes approximately 600 MB after the installation.

You can download the Audials One 2020 software and install it on your Windows PC. After Signing in, you can sync music tracks, favorite radio stations with your iPhone, Android device app. Audials Radio is an app available for smartphone users to enjoy, share, sync playlists and music between PC and mobiles. You have to upgrade to the Pro plan version if you want to transfer seamlessly to your iOS or Android devices.


After opening the software, there are different tabs on the left side which include – Home, Music, Radio, Music Streaming, Playlists, Entertainment, Video Streaming, Podcasts, and Television. Then there are two tabs – File Browser and Converter. Let’s see the features of each menu.

1. Music

The music section is the best in Audials One. We literally fell in love with it. There are thousands of songs and music tracks to stream and download. You can save your favorite songs from any internet source.

You can check music lists from Top Charts, Wishlist, Related Artists, Music Styles, Music Zoom, News, Genre, etc options. There is also a Music Bot option which suggests you music tracks according to your playlists and history.

You can record and download all this music and songs with no loss of quality and lightning-fast speed in UltraHD, HiFi or Master quality.

Audials One 2020 Review - Music Section

Music Zoom:

Music Zoom is an interesting feature where you can dive into the universe of music map created by artificial intelligence. You can explore every genre, artist, or band in the world.

You can zoom closer into the map to see similar artists, music tracks, explore neighboring genres and zoom out to gain a clearer picture of where in the universe you currently are. You can also listen and download the entire discography of the artist by clicking on it.

Hi-Fi Sound without Quality Loss

Audials One 2020 lets you record in the best audio quality upto 96 kHz/24bit. It also supports the FLAC file playback. Even if your sound card doesn’t support 96 kHz/24 bit, you can still record music in the best format without any quality loss.

Audio Editor

The Audio Editor of Audials One 2020 has an easier-to-use new interface to operate. You can open the Audio Editor from the context menu of the song to edit any song.

2. Radio

Do you want to listen to a radio station from a small town of any country in the world? or want to listen to your any favorites radio station? Don’t worry, Audials has whopping 55709+ worldwide radios stations to serve you! There are alone 11299 radio stations on the list from the only USA!!

Radio Stations in Audials 2020

You can record worldwide radio stations with 320kbps. The Audials One 2020 is so intelligent that it removes radio advertisements, commentary and other commercials from the recording. COOOL! And you can also set a timer for recording a specific show of radio station.

Audials One 2020 software automatically adds titles, album covers, artists, album year and lyrics to each recording. You can also manually change these tags at any time.

3. Music Streaming

You can record and stream music and audiobooks from different music streaming services. It includes Spotify, DEEZER, Amazon Music, Apple Music, TIDAL, Rhapsody, YouTube, YouTube Music, PANDORA, Google Play Music, SOUNDCLOUD, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh.

Music Streaming in Audials One 2020

Spotify Drag and Drop

You can now drag multiple playlists or albums from Spotify directly in Audials One 2020 with almost 15x speed. Then you can view, download, or save the list and enjoy the music.

4. Playlists

You can add and manage your favorite music tracks, songs and make playlists on this menu. You can also import the music lists or saved playlists from different online sources. For example, you can import your YouTube and Spotify music playlist into your Audials One 2020 software.

5. Entertainment

In this tab, you can explore, organize, import and export the videos in your collection.


6.  Video Streaming

Audials One 2020 lets you record movies, series and tv shows from more than 30+ streaming services. You can also add sources to record the video you want.

The sample streaming services include Acorn, Amazon Video, Apple Tv+, Brown Sugar, CBS, CONtv, Crackle, Curiosity Stream, Dailymotion, Disney+, Docsville, ESPN, Facebook, Fandor, HBO Now, Hulu, iTunes, Live Stream, Mubi, NBC, Netflix, Ovguide, Shout Factory Tv, Showtime, Shudder, Starz, Tribeca Shortlist, Ustream, Veoh, Vevo, Vimeo, Walter Presents, Xfinity, Youtube.

Video Streaming in Audials One 2020

You can stream and record Netflix videos with 1080p resolution. Audials One 2020 is the only software in the current market which lets you record Netflix videos in 1080p resolution.

Crisp and Top-Quality Recordings

Audials One 2020 comes with a completely revised video recording engine. The software uses the latest lossless encoding technology to provide the best possible image quality, especially for modern mp4 formats such as H.264 and HEVC.

Audials can encode videos by directly using the graphic card of your computer. You can use Intel, NVidia, AMD graphic card for encoding the videos.

Recording Scheduler

Recording scheduler allows you to record a list of movies or whole series easily. After downloading or recording all music and movies, Audials automatically adds the movie descriptions and information on the actors, director, team, release date, etc. to all recordings.

Record Subtitles

Audials One 2020 now allows you to download subtitle files along with videos. This is so good feature and now you don’t have to worry about missing dialogues while watching videos! Many users wanted this feature and the company accepted there request.

7. Podcasts

There are over 350000+ worldwide podcasts to listen to!! Audials shows new episodes of podcasts automatically on the menu. You can easily watch, listen, download or subscribe to these podcasts.

Currently, there are 25000+ video Podcasts available to stream, record, and download.

Podcasts in Audials One 2020

8. Television

There are 300+ Live TV streams available from English and international TV channels. You can watch TV 24/7 and also enjoy the best music TV channels around the world.

Television in Audials One 2020

9. File Browser

In the file browser, you can explore, organize, import and export the media files in your collection.

10. Converter

With the converter, you can re-record or convert any video file to different formats. Audials One can convert all video formats. The converter supports the latest file formats including 4k support, MP4, HEVC, H.264, and WMV.

User Interface:

The new interface of Audials One is user-friendly, easy to operate. The fast drag-and-drop options and HD streaming and recording capabilities are very useful. The Hi-Fi sound-recording capabilities, the unlimited radio recording features are outstanding!

On the left side, there are categories to choose from. The right side shows columns with streamed content, playlists, player, equalizer, etc.

Audials Options

On the bottom left corner, there is a settings option. You can change the below settings from it:

  • Select the UI color scheme, navigational elements, and size/language.
  • Manage Radio stations and sources for the program’s “wish” feature (more about that later).
  • Install additional plugins.
  • Configure audio recording and processing, and video recording options.
  • Android and Apple iOS applications to record songs and podcasts.
  • Set output folders and available storage locations.
  • Save audiobooks folder, etc

Audials Radio for Android and iPhone devices: Audials Radio App for Android

You can download Audials Radio app on your iOS or Android device. After signing in the app, you can easily synchronize, share, manage, import/export music tracks, recordings across your pc and mobile seamlessly.

The wish-list function has finally reached Android smartphones. You will have the same wish list on your mobile as you do on your PC. You can easily transfer all your media automatically to your Android devices as long as your PC is running simultaneously.

Unlimited Radio Recording on iPhone

The radio app lets you record as many tracks as you want from online radio stations on the iPhone.


You can buy Audials One 2020 for a monthly fee of $3.49 or a one-time fee of $49.90 instead of $59.90. A trial version is also provided for users who want to test the application before they buy it.

Should You Buy Audials One 2020?

YES! It is one of the best digital entertainment software in the market. The Audials team, developers working hard to give you the best experience and high-quality content. It is the best software for music lovers! There are unlimited songs, thousands of radio stations to enjoy.

You can easily watch, stream, record any movies and series with Audials One from streaming sources. Drag and Drop, Scheduling, Adding Tags, Sync with smartphones are some great features Audials offers.



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