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Director Reveals Armie Hammer’s Justice League: Mortal Batman Cowl

Many fans are still wondering what George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal would have looked like. Although the project never saw the light of day, throughout the years we keep learning more tidbits. The most recent comes from director Ryan Unicomb, who is is currently working on a documentary on Warner Bros.’ scrapped project. He took to Instagram to reveal a photo of Batman‘s cowl in Justice League: Mortal.

“Since the world is in lockdown and I feel like we need an injection of some “cool s**t” into the community,” he wrote. “Here’s ONE of Armie Hammer’s cowls from Justice League Mortal. Be good and be safe y’all!”

Unlike the usual Batman cowl, this one is brownish. You can check the photo out below.

In Justice League: Mortal, Armie Hammer was supposed to be the one to wear the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl. Hammer spoke about his character’s cowl on different occasions in the past, revealing that it “was going to be the first movie where Batman would be able to turn his head” in the cowl. Unicomb’s photo doesn’t seem like the cowl that Hammer was referring to. Yet the upcoming documentary’s director specified that this one is just one among the cowls Bruce Wayne would have worn in Justice League: Mortal.

The cast would have featured also Adam Brody as The Flash, who recently had words of praise for the script and the casting. Unfortunately, fans will never have the chance to see it. Warner Bros. put the project indefinitely on hold back in 2008.

What do you think about the cowl for Armie Hammer’s Batman? Would you have liked to watch Justice League Mortal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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