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The iridescent vocals of Angela Muñoz are charming in a retrospective manner. The 18-year-old Los Angeles-based artist bathes in the light of soul, delicate orchestration, and the endless possibilities of samples that are found through crate digging.

Following-up the success of “I Don’t Care,” Muñoz shares her accompanying video and announces the details for her debut album Introspection, due June 19 via Adrian Younge’s Linear Labs label. Tinted with the sound of vintage pop, Muñoz’s style is aged for her own years, yet finds an honest home at the feet of her words.

Muñoz penned the track as a result of being told for years to change her appearance to look like a “superstar.” On “I Don’t Care,” Muñoz battles with these notions and the self-love to stay true to one’s own beliefs.

“I knew that my purpose in life isn’t to be anyone’s object, it’s to share my experiences and impact people in the most positive way,” Muñoz said in a press release. “I hope the song and video helps people realize that they don’t need to change the way they are to feel accepted.”

Directed by Younge, the video briefly isolates the frustration and even moments of betrayal that Muñoz carries. The artist is seen being thrown at the seat of glamour, with hands pulling the artist’s face in every direction, to eventually find freedom bare-faced and with a mint green Fender Telecaster. Lines like “How can I let you go?” hit differently in moments of losing one’s identity and the artist carries a sly, crescent of pain on even the most dreamiest verses.

Angela Muñoz (Photo via Facebook)

“I Don’t Care” is a vignette to always be honest with yourself and is backed by a classic production. From working on The Midnight Hour — lead by Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) — to accompanying them on tour and on their NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert performance, Muñoz is a strong voice, with what can only be, more incredible stories to tell.

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