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My going is soft –

But it feels heavy in places –

A finch –

Perhaps a chaff –

Pops by to grace the day –

Separation is a way of life

For some people

I see a vessel approaching –

What is that flag it’s flying? –

Let me check my Everyman’s Book of Flags –

Oh, so that’s what it means –

I shall give this approaching vessel a wide berth –

Once things exceed a certain pressure

I have to conform to a formal code

This is such a time –

And so I behave myself –

I am needed to live quietly by myself –

There is a shelf I grace decoratively –

And there is sleep I need to do –

How did it fall apart so quickly?

A finch –

Perhaps a chaff –|

Pops by to grace the day –

I am locking the door: Watch me:

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