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Everyone loves to travel. Seeing new places, exploring museums, clicking Instagram worthy pictures, meeting new people and learning about their culture and heritage seems like an idea that appeals to most.

But as appealing as this idea seems, travel can get hectic. Packing, booking tickets and then the ultimate travel journey; more often that not all this can make wanting to travel a task rather than an escape.

However, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones, an underwater camera, and a Bluetooth smartwatch can make travelling seem like a waltz through the meadow, and make you look great at the same time!

Here’s how.

Noise ColorFit PRO 2:

Noise Smart Watch

Our fitness tracker, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is a Bluetooth smartwatch which will fulfill all your daily and travelling needs!

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 offers 9 sports mode so you never miss any exercise as a workout. Now whether you go for a ‘Triund hiking trek’ or a calm yoga escape to align your chakras, you can track it all with this activity tracker.

Not only this but the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 fitness tracker helps you unwind and control your breathing with its Breathe mode; giving you the much-needed breather!

Apart from all these, the Bluetooth smartwatch offers a heart rate sensor, a sleep monitor plus steps taken and calorie burned count too.

The striking thing about this fitness tracker is the fact that it helps you track your menstrual cycle! It’s an all in one type of thing!

While you’re on a trip, the last thing you want is running around finding charging sockets to keep your devices charged. Not to worry because we got your back!

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 holds a battery life of going up to one week without charge!

Not only this but all your social media alerts and call alerts come right on your wrist so you don’t have to be bothered by constantly being on your phone.

Bonus: it’s waterproof too!

So go on, make memories, uninterrupted; all this made easier with the Noise Fit SPORT app!

Noise Play Action Camera:

Action Camera

Clicking pictures and making videos is an integral part of any trip these days. Obviously, Instagram-ming all the way!

Well, to post the best pictures, you need to click the best pictures and for that, you need the best device.

The 4k action camera Noise Play will be your perfect travel tech buddy. For a basic understanding, let us briefly venture into why you would want an action camera for your trips.

See, a normal camera can click your pictures just alright; however, an action camera is a compact device that holds the ability to be attached to various headgears, cycles, bikes, etc.

The result of this is that the viewer can see things just how you saw them! Meaning, lots of mini-mesmerizing videos and ultra-crisp images!

The Noise Play is a 4k ultra HD action camera, standing to be waterproof up to 30 meters with the waterproof case! Any type of adventure, you can record.

With this underwater camera, you’re always connected with the built-in wifi.

Long trip? Lots of adventures?

“storage full, delete items” would be the last thing you’ll want to witness on your intricately planned vacation.

The 4k action camera comes with a 130+ minutes of record time, meaning unlimited memories, all captured forever.

Mix and match and create all types of videos with the slow-motion and burst lapse feature too!

This 4k action camera allows you to re-live your entire trip when you scroll through the videos and images as if you’re there all over again!

Noise Shots XO:

Noise Shots XO

Wanting to look great on a trip is a natural tendency. As many of us don’t realize this, but the wearables you use, actually contribute a lot to how you’ll look.

The wireless Bluetooth earphones; Noise Shots XO are the perfect match then.

With class, looks, bling and features combined, the Noise Shots XO are there to provide you with a truly wireless experience.

These wireless Bluetooth earphones come with a battery life of 6 hours of playback on a single charge and 36 hours of music with a charging case. Now no matter how long the train, car or plane ride is, it’ll always be ‘music to your ears’!

Not just this but these wireless Bluetooth earphones are ergonomically designed to stay put even while you decide to zipline your way to the other side of the mountain.

Taking wireless to another level, we even managed to remove the wires from charging these babies! Just place your case on the charging pad and voila!

These Bluetooth earphones are waterproof too and have environmental noise cancellation.

The Noise Shots XO are offered in three gorgeous metallic colors: black, white and rose gold; so you shine throughout your trip feeling elite! 

Noise Tune FLEX:

Noise Tune Flex Neckband

While you’re on your vacation, you obviously need to move around a lot. But is it easy to move and travel with a pair of earphones that just keep falling off your ears?

Obviously, the answer would be a big, fat NO.

The Noise Tune FLEX is our Bluetooth neckband earphones that stay put even in the most movement intensive situations.

The Noise Tune FLEX are a pair of neckband Bluetooth headset with a neckband so comfy and FLEX-ible, you won’t even feel it is there.

Not only this but these neckband earphones provide a full 12 hours of playback; now travel from Delhi to Manali, uninterrupted,

The Noise Tune FLEX can be dually paired, meaning you can connect these earphones with your laptop and your phone at the same time.

Making usage easier and more attractive is how easily you can control everything right with the buttons on your neckband so never reaching into your pocket to skip songs to find the one you actually want to listen to after you put your playlist on shuffle (we’ve all been there!)

Moreover, the neckband Bluetooth earphones are even sweatproof! 

Now say yes to impromptu trips and cheers to more adventures!

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