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No fooling her! Amanda Bynes claimed that she her pictures are being photoshopped by paparazzi.

The Easy A star took to social media on Thursday, February 27, to call out photographers for allegedly altering her photos and publishing them online.

“Hey y’all, I wanted to post a video today to talk about paparazzi and self-worth,” Bynes, 33, said in a video via Instagram. “Whenever I see a paparazzi photo, the majority of the time I look nothing like myself.”

The former Nickelodeon star revealed that she is sure the photos have been photoshopped because of how drastically different she looks in images compared to in real life.

“I’m talking 16 chins, face looks completely different and it’s an all-around terrifying experience to look myself up online, quite honestly,” the She’s the Man actress continued. “I’m about to cry just thinking about it.”

Amanda Bynes Courtesy of Amanda Bynes/Instagram

In the video, captioned “Paparazzi,” Bynes explained that she recorded the message to let people know “I’m just like you.”

“I want to look my best,” she admitted. “Of course, I can take an unflattering shot, but the amount of unflattering shots I see online — I know that my photos are being photoshopped.”

The Amanda Show alum added: “I don’t look like that in the photos that I take or when I look at myself in the mirror. That’s all I wanted to say. I hope you guys are having a sick day. I love you and I’ll talk to you guys soon.”

The California native has been opening up via social media recently, having spoken out about her conservatorship case publicly on Instagram less than a week ago.

“Hey ya’ll, I wanna say thank you guys so much for your support. The fact that you’ve been rooting for me for years means more than you know,” the What I Like About You alum said in an Instagram video posted on Friday, February 21. “Today I want to talk about a controversial topic, my conservatorship case.”

She went on to explain that she’s been visiting a treatment center that charges $5,200 a month. The price tag on her therapy, Bynes revealed, is why she asked to “see the judge” the following week.

“Thank you guys so much for hearing me out,” she added before signing off. “I’m sorry that this is what I’m dealing with and I’m sorry to put my problems on the Internet, but this is what life has come to. So, thank you guys so much for always supporting me. Love you all, peace out. Appreciate your love and support.”

Amanda Bynes Leaving a Nail Salon
Amanda Bynes leaves a nail salon on October 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. P&P / MEGA

Following Bynes’ openness about changing her conservatorship, a source told Us Weekly exclusively that the actress’ mother doesn’t believe she’s ready to make choices regarding her well-being.

“Amanda’s mother doesn’t have any issue with her daughter requesting a hearing regarding the conservatorship,” the source told Us on Sunday, February 23. “Lynn feels Amanda isn’t in any capacity to make any decisions about her care or treatment. Lynn will request that Amanda remain in a controlled environment.”

Lynn has been in charge of her daughter’s conservatorship since 2014 following a public meltdown and involuntary psychiatric hold.

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