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All Hail The Great Sultana


Consider the sultana

The jewel in my porridge

It’s not the kind of fruit

That you can just go out and forage

It started out in life

A bulbous juicy grape

But sat out in the sun too long

And now it’s changed it’s shape


It’s dark, wizened and wrinkled

Like it’s fallen from your nose

And probably looks like your granny

When she’s taken off her clothes

It doesn’t rate too highly

In the fruity good look stakes

But it’s a real superstar

When you’re baking Christmas cakes


It spices up a curry

And it’s vital for a scone

(and that’s the real way to pronounce it

For those of you who like a moan!)

Mothers stick it in your lunchbox

In case you want a snack to eat

And it goes well in your muesli

Cos it’s really, really sweet


So you can keep your massive melons

And your berries black and blue

Your apples, pears and pomegranates

Strawberries and raspberries too

When you want to get the job done

I have to say the top banana

Is the ugly little super-fruit

All hail the great sultana

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