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Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortino

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails fame have released their new collaborative album Illusion Of Time.

The album pairs together two producers who have admired each other’s work from afar, but only had the chance to collaborate on a rare  2017 EP exclusive to FYF Fest 2017 titled Sun Draw Water. Now they have released a full album that was made despite the fact they hadn’t met each other by the time they had completed most of the record.

The album kicks off with the harrowing drone track “Sun Intro” that then gets contrasted immediately by gentle piano on the title track “Illusion of Time.”

This isn’t an album that will be pumped out of club speakers when clubs open back up. This finds the subtler parts of their music and puts them together. “CC Pad” slowly rises with each passing wave of synths that layer on top of each other like small waves cresting in the middle of the ocean.

This isn’t just soft synths and gentle melodies. The theme of menacing drone music appears again on tracks such as the aptly titled “Inside The Ruins” that feel so heavy you could be trapped inside a ruin. It all ends with the rising and epic finale “Stills” that eventually concludes with one final gasp of soaring synths like a scene in Blade Runner.

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