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In a stunning display of just how easily their most draconian business practices can be done away with on a whim, the nation’s major telecom carriers (including the Big Four) announced last week that for the next 60 days, would not cancel service or enforce late fees for customers who cannot pay their bills due to the outbreak. It’s going to be pandemonium when they try to reinforce these rules.


If you happened to watch the president’s second swing at addressing the coronavirus outbreak on Friday afternoon, I’m sorry but that’s time you simply won’t ever get back. But on the plus side, we did get a glimpse of the Google-built testing site locator that some 1700 engineers are reportedly working on. There is however, no timetable as to when the site will be fully operational, which seems like the more important detail.


Yes, granted, the XBox One X will soon be obsolete but for roughly a third the cost of an upcoming PS5 you can land a current gen system and enough games to get you through the next few weeks of quarantine.


Even as people shut themselves away from the world, they’ve still gotta eat. And with cities like NYC forcibly reducing dine-in service by up to 50 percent, much of that demand will be handled by take-out and delivery services. GrubHub normally takes up to 30 percent of an order’s total from the restaurant as a commission. However the company announced last week that it is temporarily suspending those charges until we get a handle on this outbreak.


Look, there’s a very good chance you, and most other Americans are about to be stuck in our collective apartments for the next 2 to 6 weeks. Don’t let the cabin fever get to you. Instead, tune in to this growing archive of Oprah’s favorite episodes from her long-running, award-winning daytime talk show.

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