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The magnificent Bosphorus smiled at me cheerfully
And the dazzling Kiz Külesi stood in the middle of it profoundly
Beyond it, the majestic Topkapi palace allured me in enchantment
Subsiding all my devastation and resentment
While strolling around, a spellbinding building captivated my attention
I found out Sultanahmet Camii was its name
The manifestation of mankind’s intellectuality and outstanding progression
An epitome of splendour that looks ravishing, graceful, and sublime
Istanbul oh Istanbul
The glorious city where mighty civilizations were established
The witness of how victory was prodigiously accomplished
Encapsulated through blood, sweat, and tears
In the pursuit of dignity and peace
Istanbul oh Istanbul
Sparkling beautifully each day and night
Reviving my spirit with felicity and delight
Redeeming the agony and despondences
To abolish all my inflictions and cries

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