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A paparazzi was allegedly attacked in Miami by a member of Anuel AA’s entourage, Telemundo reports. The incident occurred Feb. 29: RobGz apparently alerted Anuel to the pap, and while filming Anuel throwing up double middle fingers in his direction, the pap was grabbed from behind.

Grabbing the photog’s wrist and camera, RobGz allegedly demanded all footage be deleted. “If you don’t erase those images, I’ll break your camera,” the paparazzi recalls being told.

At that point, the paparazzi—whose surname is Prado and is an employee of Highlight Reel Entertainment, according to a Sunny Isles Beach Police Department incident report shown in the Telemundo segment—acquiesced. Prado deleted the footage.

Experts, however, were able to recover that footage, Telemundo reports. The clip below appears to show RobGz’s rough approach to Prado (around 1:40 on the news video).

Police arrived on the scene shortly after. The incident paperwork describes a struggle over the camcorder, and is categorized as Simple Battery, involving hands, fist, and feet.

Rob GZ is also an artist; he released “LHNA” with Anuel AA in June 2019.

Neither Anuel AA or RobGz have released statements regarding the incident.


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